Sunday, June 26, 2016

Inching Back To Normal

I took another step back to pre-broken ankle days on Friday night.  I bought a braided rug to put inside the patio door to catch grass clippings and other detritus that I track in when I go out to tend the "farm."  Not using a walker anymore, barely using my cane so it's time for the rugs to reemerge.  I decided not to put back the flimsy rag rug that was there before and saw this brand new one at Goodwill for four bucks and thought it was just the thing.

This morning the daylily out the kitchen window is blooming and there was wildlife galore.

A bluejay came to nab the last peanut left after the squirrel acrobats had gotten the lion's share.


A goldfinch, trailed by a begging nestling, came for some nyger seed and a plump bunny rabbit nibbled the cracked corn and other birdseed the sparrows flung out of the feeder.  I swear I'm going to stop buying that kind of seed and quit filling the feeder just so they can shovel it out, but they're so much fun to watch when the whole flock of them gets into the birdbath at once.  Sparrows are enthusiastic bathers, almost as entertaining as the baby robins that come to bathe and end up looking like they've been rubbed with a rough towel because all their feathers stick out all over, even the top of their head.

In the "those damned rodents" department, I learned to my dismay that chipmunks love nasturtium seeds.  Four days ago I planted a whole packet of seeds in this pot.  Guess who excavated each and every one?  They're cute, especially the little ones but... damned rodents.  Where's a hawk when you need one?

All I did yesterday was waste time on the computer, strip the bed, do 3 loads of laundry, read magazines, and knit.  By bedtime I had finished the doublethick dishcloth I cast on Friday night.  It's the second most brainless knitting I had at hand and I wanted to get this done because it's time to toss the last one I made down the chute with the towels today and I want another 6" thick cloth to put in its place.  I hope my old, single thickness dishcloths don't feel abandoned but this is a simple whim to indulge.  I'll work on Sudoku Strip #4 today and finish the next Autumn Cumulus scallop too.  Cross my heart.  Just as soon as I post this and go down to throw the towels in to wash.  Really.

June 26--Richard Pasley, Woman with Boogie Board.  

Not svelte,
there's a bit of a tummy there,
but she's strong,
athletic, friendly,
happy to be

I can't resist another celery picture because, look, it's taller again.  Neither the pineapple tops nor the avocado pits offer anywhere close to the instant gratification this nub of celery gives us.  It's amazing.  Why didn't I ever know about this before?  I knew about putting carrot tops in a shallow dish to grow greens for caged birds but you don't get more carrots.  This thing looks like it's making real celery.  My mind is officially boggled.  Oh, and I have to ask Durwood to put celery on his shopping list because this is the only celery in the house.


Aunt B said...

Just finished a good book. I AM PILGRIM. If you like spy novels, this is a good one. Could hardly put it down to do the laundry yesterday.

Betty Jo Derozier said...

That celery is amazing! You have so much just going on in your yard. Mary calls me a farmer too. Come on, it's just a little raised bed!