Saturday, June 18, 2016

Knitting Along the River

Today was Worldwide Knit in Public Day so a few of us found the most public place we could find, on the City Deck along the Fox River just north of the Saturday Farmer's Market, plunked our chairs in a circle, and put out our new blackboard sign.  It was a perfect morning, warm and breezy, and we got a bit of attention from passersby.  It was so nice that we think we might go there to knit one Saturday a month, until the snow flies that is.

A V of white pelicans came over on their way up the river from the bay, a couple paddle boarders (board paddlers?) went past.  I'd sure like to try that but my balance is pretty much shot so I'd better not but there's a kayak rental place right there, they even teach you how too, and that really tempts me, but I promise I won't give it another thought until my ankle is all better.  All all better.  Cross my heart.

I finished the June Seamen's Cowl at Friday Night Knitting last night and then I cast on a new pattern for Preemie hats.  This one's for Sport weight yarn (of which I have a couple bags of that are soft and bright and would feel good on tiny, tender babes' heads) and comes in four sizes called, from biggest to smallest--Eenie, Meenie, Minie, and Moe.  I decided to start with Minie.  I'm about at the place to start the crown decreases and this looks impossibly small.  It breaks my heart to know that it will fit someone's baby.  I'll keep making them but I think I'll go up a size just so I can knit them without being on the brink of tears most of the time.

We're making potato salad to take to supper tomorrow afternoon-ish.  One of my biggest regrets is not making sure I knew how to make Mom's mom's German Potato Salad before Mom kicked the bucket.  So we're going the other way, making mayonnaise potato salad with a touch of honey mustard and some hard-boiled eggs.  It's amazingly difficult to find a plain, old potato salad.  I hope it's edible.

I didn't write last night so... sayonara.

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