Saturday, June 25, 2016

Look Look Look!

We have a baby tomato.  It's on the bush tomato plant, one that we've never had before.  It's tiny, hard, green, and probably won't be ripe for a month but we don't care.  We have a tomato.

The mints are loving the hot and sunny with a little rain weather we've been having and even the flat-leaf parsley is putting up a good fight.  I'm afraid the pineapple sage is a bit overpowering planted next to it but I plan to rotate the planter and let this little parsley guy have some more room and light.


There are still green blueberries on my little bushes.  There were two berries on another bush getting blue but some critter chomped them.  Grrr.  This is so much the wrong soil and place to grow blueberries that every one is like a gem; I hate to lose even one of them.  I have them fenced off with chicken wire but it isn't buried and there's nothing to keep birds out so I guess some attrition is to be expected.


The bee balm is starting to bloom.  Right behind them is a huge drift of daisies fixing to burst open soon too and when they're both abloom, well, it's a beautiful sight.  Just you wait.

See what I saw when I went to snap a bee balm photo?  Lipstick lilies are blooming!  I'm so happy to see them after whatever that invasive weed was that overtook their planting bed last year and this spring until MW and I uprooted it.  Soon I need to go over there with my little stool and root out any stragglers or invaders.  And the old daylilies behind the air conditioner are blooming too.  They're a cutting from the plant that Dad brought up to Green Bay from his parents' farm in Evansville, IN, planted in our Liberty St. backyard, and let me dig up some of to plant over here over 30 years ago.  Good lord, do you realize that it's been over 50 years since we moved up here?  I guess Green Bay is really my hometown even if it isn't my birthplace.  For some reason that makes me a little sad.

I worked on finishing the back ankle scallop of the Autumn Cumulus Restart sock last night at Friday Night Knitting (it's the part sticking off to the left), then I picked up stitches and started the front ankle scallop but managed to bollocks it up more than once so I quit knitting on it.  It was close to 9 o'clock by then and quitting time anyway.  When I got home, though, I fell prey to the lure of making another small doublethick dishcloth, cast on, and got an inch knitted while watching an episode of Barnwood Builders.  The men are a bunch of characters that remind me of some of my male relatives (speaking of Evansville) when I was a kid.

June 25--Phil Banks, Golf. 

Swing, thwack
my small white ball
bumbles left into the trees,
nestles beneath Spring's first trillium.
From there it caroms
across the fairway
to the creek swollen with rain,
teeming with tadpoles.
Down the fairway
into the front sand trap
where a baby garter snake embraces it.
Spurred by a plume of sand, I'm finally on the green putting
when an amorous crow
tries to woo my hat,
dive bombing with his raucous song.

Golf--a nice walk spoiled.

I don't golf.  Mom & Dad used to golf.  Durwood golfed every once in a while, and I think DS golfs.  I don't golf, too much boobage to swing a club.  I'm contemplating doing laundry today.  I might cut out and sew a swim shirt for some little girl.  Or maybe I'll sit on the couch and practice staring into space.  Only time will tell.  Wish me luck.

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Aunt B said...

You have a veritable Garden of Eden up there what with all the beautiful flowers, the herbs, the tomato. Then the "experimental" garden indoors. Amazing to see that celery root growing. Hope the pineapple is still going strong.