Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Yes, We're Having a Garden

But first the best news--I saw the bone doc yesterday and got promoted from my walker to a cane.  It's a bigger change than I anticipated it would be (not that I'd go overboard the first day or anything like that) so I'm glad to be seeing the chiropractor today to get things rearranged into a less achy position.

After the doc visit I zoomed right down the highway(well, not zoomed exactly since they've still got 41 all torn up but I managed to get there) to Stein's Garden & Gifts to secure a few tomato plants and some herbs for planting in pots on the patio.  My big plan for this gardening season was to build a pair of 4' square raised beds, fill them with Miracle Gro Garden Soil and compost, and get growing because the soil we've been planting in for the last 30-some-odd years is tapped out, plus it's a landfill and DIL1 says she read that lead paint and other unappetizing things can leach out into the soil.  No thanks.  BUT breaking my ankle put the kibosh on that plan so we're going with the alternate patio pots plan.  I got three nice tomato plants--Celebrity, Better Bush (which I think sounds a little dirty, or is that just me?), and Health Kick (which is supposed to have 50% more lycopene) and three tomato cages to keep them contained.  The flat-leafed parsley left was bedraggled and sad-looking but I bought two plants and they already look happier and are standing up in their new home.  Since LC likes to pick and eat mint leaves, and I promised her I'd find a chocolate mint plant for Meemaw's house, I scoured the mints on offer and found not only chocolate mint but apple mint, regular (julep) mint, and I added a pineapple sage plant for good measure.  The herbs are in rectangular planters that I plan to have someone with two good legs put into the garden for me so the whole patio isn't taken up with pots and I'll plant the mints along the edge of the garden later in the season since they'll overwinter just fine.  Mint is the cockroach of the herb family, I think.  That stuff is hard to kill.
More of the poppies are open.  I love them and wish they bloomed longer.

A wren moved into the birdhouse just outside the kitchen window and he stands atop it singing most of the day.  I think he's advertising for a mate, at least that's what I read in a bird book that they do.  I'm sorry that there's a screen between him and the camera making it blurry but if I open the patio door very slowly to lean out to snap his picture he flies away.  So blurry's what we've got.

I had supper with some old friends last night and wasn't ready for bed at 10 o'clock so I stayed up until midnight finishing knitting the points on my Red & Sparkly Crown.  I haven't woven in the tails yet but my gardening antics yesterday were a little much so I'll be spending the afternoon on the couch with an ice pack which will be a perfect time to weave in all those tails--and maybe sneak in a nap because I woke up just after 6 o'clock as usual.  Now watch, tomorrow when I have to be up to get ready for work I'll have been able to sleep until 8 o'clock.

And since I stayed  up so late I didn't write a prompt so this is all you get today.  It's chilly and looks like rain today but I hear it's supposed to be humid and scorching hot this weekend.  Goodie.  I'm so glad we have air conditioning.  I'll probably get a lot of knitting done over the weekend.  It's past time to cast on the June Seamen's Cowl and the first June Preemie Hat.

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Aunt B said...

Your "garden" looks beautiful. And it's nice to have it all in pots there on the patio so you can (carefully) step outside and harvest when it's time. Love your wren atop the birdhouse. There's an enormous -- and very messy -- bird's nest that was somehow constructed in one of those yellow pots -- along with the geraniums and dusty miller plants -- on our front stoop. It's been there a while and had started falling apart. I had never seen a bird fly into or out of it and when I peeked into it, no eggs or baby birds. So I decided to toss it yesterday but when I touched it, a wren flew out! Scared me but probably not as much as I scared it by moving (barely) it's home. So it's still out there.