Sunday, June 12, 2016

Something's Happening

Once a week I dump the water in the jam jars that the avocado pits are suspended in and put in fresh.  I noticed last week that they both had cracks in the hard seed shell.  Today the first one, the one that I was too impatient to wait until it dried before poking and soaking it, doesn't look much different but the one I let dry for a couple days on the counter and then poked toothpicks into it and hung it in the jar looks different on the base.  I think maybe, just maybe, a tiny rootlet is trying to poke out.  Eeee!

I spent part of the afternoon in the basement making sure that all my knitting and crocheting books are in my Ravelry online library and taking out books that I know I'll never use (if I ever did).  I think I'll add those to the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild Library (of which I elected myself Librarian last month) so that other people can not make things out of them too.  You can never tell, maybe flipping through one of these books will spark an idea that will take the knitting world by storm.  Well, a person can dream.  I figure the Guild library's a better place for them than donation to Goodwill or St. Vinnie de P or the Starvation Army.

Dad's roses are starting to bloom.  Since it's not broiling hot today maybe I'll make it out there with some shears and cut out the dead canes, tidy it up a bit.  The yellow lily is giving its all but it looks like all of the stargazer lilies didn't survive the winter.  Boohoo.

The peonies opened too.  They're so pretty, I should plant them someplace where they get more sun and can thrive instead of just clinging to life in the shade.  Maybe later when my ankle's in better shape.  Although I'm doing pretty well; I'm working very hard to not overdo.  It's tempting but I'm doing an okay job.  Still going steady with the ice packs.

I worked on the June Seamen's Cowl yesterday, got to the second set of stripes and once that's done I'll get moving on the four preemie hats I knit every month.  It's not so much but I figure some is better than none.

June 12--Aiuppy Photographs, Road Through Redwoods, CA.  

Trees like Heaven's pillars
rise out of the fog,
endow the one-lane road
with a gravitas
at odds
with my twelve year old

Now I'm going to Home Depot to return a roll of Caution tape we didn't need to cordon off the new grass seed and get some chair feet to repair one that broke.  Maybe I'll find some red flowers to plant in pots out back to lure more hummingbirds.  You never can tell.  At least it's not hot like a skillet out there today.

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Aunt B said...

I hope you continue with the "resting and ice pack" thing. You are being a good girl so kudos to you. Those stargazer lilies are beautiful. Baking was on my bullet list yesterday. Two loaves each -- zucchini and banana. Made a mess of the kitchen but it cleaned up nicely as the bread baked.