Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I Opened All The Windows

The weather changed last night and the humidity and heat went east so as soon as I rolled out of bed I opened any window I walked by so the fresh summer air is flowing through our house.  Ahhh.  It's like a magical tonic, isn't it?  The sheer curtains at the bedroom windows are billowing at the slightest puff of air.  I love it.

Last Saturday when we were making potato salad we used the last of the celery but saved the bottom inch to plunk into a little dish of water and, LOOK!, the center is sprouting already.  We are having a lot of fun planting pits and such.  I'm thinking I'll put the pineapple tops out on the patio table so they get the benefit of the summer sunshine.  I'll discuss it with my co-farmer later.

Waiting rooms are excellent places to knit on mindless things like Sukoku Strip #3 which I finished yesterday afternoon.  I'll weave in the tails later today and cast on Strip #4 right away.  It's the perfect thing to knit at Friday Night Knitting too because there's very little thinking needed and I'm very busy talking and laughing on Friday nights.  Very busy.  I also pontificate a lot too, which takes lots of energy and focus.

June Preemie Hat #3 is ready for the crown decreases.  I'll get that accomplished today and then Hat #4 will get started immediately too.

June 21--Robert Malcolm, No Day.


My brother-in-law, RJ, calls us when he's driving home from work after 9 o'clock (our time) so he stays safely awake and I answered last night.  He said his son had sent him something about this week's "commemorative" days, for instance, I just googled it and today is International Yoga Day.  (Woohoo!  Good thing I did my yoga this morning so my celebrating is done.)  (it's also Skateboard Day and Peaches & Cream Day)  Anyway, he suggested that we celebrate "No" Day, a day where the answer to everything is "no."  I wasn't especially a fan of the idea but when he suggested that I write a poem about it and leave the lines blank my (weird) funny bone was tickled.  So this one's for you, RJ.  Enjoy your day off and I hope the fixit guy gets your upstairs a/c working so your kids and grandkids don't melt when they come visit.

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Aunt B said...

Great idea -- the No Day. Like an S&S Day -- you know, "Sit and Stare" -- I have those often. The picture of the billowing curtain says "Spring" for sure.