Friday, June 3, 2016

Mostly Knitting

Yesterday was a quiet-ish day so I got a bunch of sock knitting accomplished.  I'm through the toe scallops and the ones on either side.  Next comes the bottom of the foot scallop, and I assume the top of the foot one after that.  Man, contacting the designer for more precise instructions on picking up stitches to avoid having ridges inside the sock has made all the difference in the world.  I might actually be able to wear this thing.  Plus I'm lovingLOVINGloving the colors.  I like them a lot.

Last night when my brain and hands were tired I added a few inches to Sudoku Strip #2.  I need about 4 more inches and then I can join Sudoku Squares #1, #4, and #7.  Maybe I'll power through those 4 inches today and take the squares to join tonight at Friday Night Knitting.  That's something I can do while I'm talking and laughing.  Yeah, good plan.

I've found another series of books to read.  They're the Longmire books by Craig Johnson. (There's a Longmire TV series on Netflix too, but I like the books better because none of the actors match the characters in my head. Don't you hate that?) Thinking about my reading habits the other day it occurred to me that I seem to be focused on middle-aged male sheriffs.  AP at FNK turned me onto the Cork O'Connor books by William Kent Krueger and I picked up the Joe Pickett books by C.J. Box the first time we went to Yellowstone and have read and reread them since.  I've been a fan of Clive Cussler's early Dirk Pitt and Oregon Files books since the beginning (not so much his Isaac Bell or the Fargos series' though or the later Dirk Pitt or NUMA ones either) and years ago fell in love with the Phillip Mercer books of Jack Du Brul courtesy of DS.  Oh, I read some books with female main characters but not nearly as many as the ones with male protagonists.  Then there's the Harry Potter books...  I don't know what that says about me but it's probably very telling and slightly whacked.  Oh, wait, Lala turned me onto the Hunger Games trilogy (of books, we're talking books here, not movies); the main character's a girl.  Whew, not as whacked as I thought.

I managed to snap a photo of the south end of a northbound chickadee.  Those little rascals don't stay still for long.  It's a gorgeous day today, sunny with a bright blue sky.  We should go out in it.  Maybe I'll grab the garden stool and weed the blueberries.  They'd probably like that.

June 3--Andrew Child, Plane with Clouds.

Scribing twin contrails
across the sky,
the jet sparkles
in the early morning light.
I want to go

In another step toward normalcy, last night I wrote that little bit of prompt writing lying on my stomach in bed like I did before the big Ankle Break of April Fool's Day.  I think my feet are looking more alike, the left one's only a little swollen.  Baby steps.

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Aunt B said...

Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly getting back on your feet -- literally. That photo of your naked feet is proof of progress. Yay and yay.