Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tiny Hat Days

This morning when I went out to plug in the fountain the sun was filtered through the maple tree, I liked the way it looked. The ferns are happy; I love the yellow green color of the fronds.  The little rows of bleeding heart blossoms are so sweet dangling there and quivering in the slightest breeze.

I finished Minie, the second tiniest of preemie hats last night.  One way to finish it was to run the yarn through the last stitches and draw it closed.  The other way, the way I chose, was to knit a couple inches of I-cord to tie into a top knot, mostly because it's such a tiny hat I thought it needed some help.  The top of the kitchen chair is barely bigger than a golf ball so you can imagine just how tiny this hat is.

Then I cast on the next bigger size, Meenie, and decided to add stripes once I got past the rolled brim so I added turquoise to the lime green and I think this is going to be one wonderful hat for some tiny person.

The big thing I want to accomplish today is to de-nest the couch area where I basically resided for the last 2 1/2 months.  Now, I'm not saying that there won't be a yarn holding area, a knitting basket, and a knitting bag there, and I am confident that there will be patterns, recipes, magazines and assorted tools littering the coffee table, but those are all "normal" clutter.  What's changing is the little adjustable table goes back downstairs as does this laundry basket of knitting stuff that has collected.  The little bin of markers, thank you notes, crossword puzzle books and other entertainments that spent the time under the coffee table will be disseminated too.  I feel this is another step toward getting back to normal.

June 19--David Stover, Crowded Pool.  Herschel could hold his breath for a long time, long enough to eel around and through the legs of people standing in the pool.  He liked it when he came up for air to see them looking down with little frown lines between their eyebrows.  Of course the lifeguards saw him, saw what he did.  Debbie, the pretty brunette with the birthmark that looked like Italy on her left calf, warned him not to knock people over.  "I see you swimming around down there.  A lot of bad swimmers get themselves in a bit too deep so be sure you don't scare them so they thrash around and get into trouble."  He nodded and looked at the pool deck so she couldn't see his smile.  She watched him.  He watched her too.

I'm thinking this should be called "Birth of a Creeper."  It amazes me the stuff that comes tumbling out of my pencil late at night.

Happy Father's Day to any dads out there in blog-land.  I hope you have a festive, no-necktie-gifts day.  We're going to a picnic later.  We made potato salad.  Do you know how hard it is to find a plain old potato salad recipe?  A recipe without fancy ingredients like capers and Italian dressing?  Hard.  I finally found one on that came close and changed it to our taste.  I'll let you know later how successful we were.  Yes, I did write down what I did so I can reproduce it if it's a success.  Happy Sunday.

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Aunt B said...

Have your Googled German Potato Salad? Seems like there should be a recipe for that out there somewhere. I make it often but kinda on the fly -- or by the seat of my pants. No real recipe. Glad to read you're "de-nesting" the couch. Real sign of progress.