Thursday, June 9, 2016

Garden, Garden, Garden, Sock

Okay, that's the agenda for today's meeting.

Number one on the docket is the first bud on Dad's rose this season.  I didn't get out to lop off the old canes early in the spring but the rose is forging ahead despite my lack of attention.  I watch and I watch for the first bud on this, my sole rose, and here it is.  Ahh.

Right next to the rose are the yellow Asiatic lilies.  They're sure a bright, sunny spot on this cool and dreary day.  We're supposed to barely hit 70 degrees today and then be close to 90 and humid on Saturday.  What is it with the up and down mood swings?  Get it together, Mother Nature.

In the backyard the poppies are going great guns.  I love the powdery dark purple of their centers.  The blueberries are pleased to be out of the jungle of weeds. 


The last of the bleeding hearts are blooming, soon they'll just be leaves.  The tomatoes are settling in nicely--and the squirrels and chipmunks have (mostly) left them alone.  So far *knock wood*.

I got two sock scallops done yesterday.  Next comes the scallop on the left side and then, I think, comes the instep and heel.  I'm in the groove, the pattern's making more sense every time I pick it up and the colors, ah, I love the colors.  Knitting this crazy sock reminds me how much fun sock knitting is and makes me want to plan the next one, probably out of the same book of creative socks, so I've always got one on the go.

June 9--Ron Kimball, CIM-03713 BMW.  

A car the color of a school bus,
that costs as much as
said school bus,
is still boxy and ugly
despite its price--
and its pedigree.

I don't like the looks of Beemers. (can you tell?)  Maybe they've got it all under the hood but the outside doesn't make me want to find out about the inside.  Kind of like a guy with a face made for radio has a hard time getting a date.  Oh, that's so mean but unfortunately true. Working again today but luckily I started the compressor just soon enough to fill the bank right at 5 o'clock so I won't be spending the day wrapped in the racket of the infernal machine hunched in the back corner of the shop.  Good thing there are earplugs in the desk.  Time to flee since I want to swing by and dump the "organic" recycling down the street from the dive shop.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

OK - that sock is starting to make sense to me too. The scallops are neat. Glad you saw the picture of the wren's nest and the tiny eggs. Thank goodness I didn't toss what started out being a very messy nest. GB was in the news last night. The Prez and Hillary will make their first joint campaign stop in your fair city!