Monday, June 13, 2016

Rainy Monday Follows a Pretty Blah Sunday

I woke up to distant thunder this morning and then the patter of raindrops began.  It was nice to hear the rain.  That meant I won't have to drag the hose out when I get home from work to water my milkweed seeds.

I didn't seem to do much yesterday, nothing blogworthy anyway.  I went to Home Depot for some chair feet and then fixed the one slider that had broken off a kitchen chair.  I emptied the dishwasher and went down to empty the dryer, fold the towels, and carry up some shorts.

I was printing some labels and figuring out a Guild Library sign-out sheet when Durwood called out that an oriole was at the hummingbird feeder.  He'd complained earlier that he thought we'd "lost" the hummingbirds because I hung out a different feeder, one without the yellow parts that some say attract bees, so I dug out one with the yellow parts, dumped the birdie juice from the all-red one into the red and yellow one.  Within fifteen minutes of making the switch there's the oriole, and it stayed a long time.  It hopped around to sample each side of the hummingbird feeder, pecked a bit at the suet, and then investigated the jelly before flying off.  To me it seemed smaller than your standard oriole but it had all the markings, maybe it's a fledgling not full-grown yet.

I fired up the Weber (finally) with the rotisserie attachment and grilled a whole lot of chicken pieces, with bones and skin so it's tasty and moist, so now we have the basis for a few nights' meals already cooked.  We'll eat some as is and then debone it to make skillet suppers or other delights.  It looked good and smelled great but I didn't take a picture.

After supper I sat on the couch with my ice pack and knit a few rounds on the cowl but wasn't really in the mood.  Unsurprisingly, my healing ankle is an excellent barometer.  It started to ache last night and really came into its own this morning.  I'm happy to have my cane and Aleve today.

June 13--Bill Ashe, Black Rolls.  The Spirit of Ecstasy stayed in the sideview mirror of my rental Camry.  All I could see of the car on my tail was the curve of the fender and that hood ornament.  If whoever was at the wheel felt like I was holding them back why didn't they pass me instead of dogging my bumper?  At first I sped up but they stayed close behind me so I slowed down and even eased toward the shoulder hoping they'd get the message and go around me.  They didn't.

That's as far as I got and then my brain turned off.  I'm sure something exciting comes next but darned if I know what.  Everything that floats through my head seems so derivative and trite.  I'll puzzle on it and maybe come up with something later.  Or not.

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Aunt B said...

You get the most amazing bird pictures. There are some cute little ones at our feeder this morning but I have no idea what they are. Not wrens. They have a little peak atop their heads. Mommy wren is still tucked inside her nest near the front door. No babies yet.