Friday, June 17, 2016

The Big News Is... I feel like myself for the first time in 2 1/2 months.  I had a lot of stops on my errands list today, walked every necessary aisle, and still felt like myself, not an invalid.  I will confess that I did park in handicapped spots at all but one, no, two, no, three stops... okay half the stops... but still, this is good.  Once I was home and had things put away I fixed myself some lunch and sat on the couch with an ice pack on my ankle for an hour so, never fear, I'm still minding my mending.  Oh, and I did my original 20-minute, on my feet yoga routine this morning too.  I had to fudge the plank and the tree pose when I'm supposed to balance on my left foot (the right one works just fine but I did a very short balance on the left, then braced with my right foot, short balance, then brace, back and forth for the allotted time to build strength but not overdo it) but I did it and feel great about it.  I feel more yoga-d, more stretched and stronger after doing that one than the chair one.  The chair one was good for keeping my back and shoulders flexible while I was stapled to the couch but there's nothing like a real, stand up yoga practise.

The mint plants are loving life.  From the left we have chocolate mind, then spearmint, and apple mint.  They're perking up and growing fast.  I think tomorrow I'll rotate all the pots so the plants grow straight.  I uprooted a clump of sprouts courtesy of a chipmunk that's burying birdseed in one of the tomato plants.  I'll take a picture before I yank out the next clump.

The peony is almost done blooming but the bleeding heart has had a resurgence and the honeysuckle is blooming all over.  Still haven't seen a hummingbird but the birdie juice is slowly going down so someone's drinking it.

In yarn news, I was busy at work so I only got half of the other ankle of the sock done but I did manage to make two tiny pompoms for June Preemie Hat #1.

It didn't rain on our Knitting Guild picnic and the Waikiki meatballs were a hit, only 3 left to take home to Durwood and then he dissed the sweet & sour sauce.  Humph.  Actually he's allowed not to like it, in fact, I would have been surprised if he had.

June 17--David Stover, Cyclists.  

Knees pump
up, down, up, down
fast like pistons
like train wheels
How do they balance on those
narrow tires?
Don't the hard seats
bruise their butt bones?
I'd rather have a car.

It's late in the day and time to make a big salad for supper.  We've got lots of spinach, some spring greens (fancy leaves), ripe avocados, grape tomatoes, a piece of cucumber, and some of that grilled chicken.  Mmm, sounds like supper to me.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like supper to me too. I love a big salad for supper. You're sounding more like yourself every day. Shows what a good and patient patient you've been. Bravo!!