Tuesday, June 28, 2016

If You Want Better Pictures...

... use a better camera.  *head, desk*  I got so frustrated the other day with the (lack of) quality of the photos I took with my point & shoot Nikon that I dug Durwood's Canon DSLR out of the closet and used it today.  The angels sang--and I got good pictures.  I still had to change the brightness of a few and the focus was dodgy on a few others (operator error) but, all in all, the quality was worlds better.



flowers with a bee,


and the summer sky.

Some small milkweeds are growing.  I don't think these are from any of the seeds I planted yet but are ones that MW and I weeded around a couple weeks ago.  I need to go out to overseed grass seed where the sewer pipe fixers seeded in April and then water it in and water the milkweed area well too.  After lunch I'll do that.

Here's a better look at the ankle scallops of my sock (better camera = better photo) and the progress I made on Sudoku Strip #4 while waiting out Durwood's appointment yesterday.

Our green tomato is getting bigger, not red yet, but definitely bigger, and in the pineapple plantation I've convinced myself that there a re a few new leaves poking out in the center.  I may be fooling myself, probably am, but there are definitely baby leaves in there.

June 28--Richard Pasley, Bullfight.  

Only a guy,
a really bored (or drunk) guy,
would invent a sport
involving taunting
a bad-tempered bull
by poking it with spears,
then waving a cape in front of it
while dressed in a shiny suit.
It reminds me of boys
poking at a chained
dog with a stick.
Same level of foolishness,
worse odds of getting out

Today was a cleaning lady day and a chiropractor day too, and we're going to a dinner put on by our broker tonight so it's an activity day.  And then there's that grass seed and water I want to play with.  I should probably change into play clothes for that, shouldn't I?  Yeah, I think I will, after lunch.


Aunt B said...

The sky is my favorite today. But love all the pictures. Sorry to read about the Kentucky kids misfortune but glad they're all (humans and animals) OK. Life!!!!

Betty Jo Derozier said...

Like the photos. So that's the tomato you spoke of. Nice!