Monday, August 31, 2015


As promised, here is a roll call of the Lexington contingent of grand-pets.  First is the venerable North Dog, part Border Collie so he's diligent about herding all his "sheep" into one room.  He's eight years old and has been SIL1's pal for all of them.  Next is George, DD's boon companion since she found her as a tiny kitten in the vestibule of her first apartment here (named for the Bugs Bunny movie cartoon character who was hugging the stuffing out of Bugs saying, "I will love him and squeeze him and call him George").  George laid claim to Durwood's lap, even curling up with him for his after-dinner snooze.  Then came Sully, a Chow Corgi mix who had a hard early life and is very very very much a fraid-y dog but is so sweet and so soft.  Durwood is determined to lure him out for a pat before we leave.  Next is Rummi who reached out of a cage and caught SIL1's shirt; I think her name comes from a favorite family card game.  Finally there's Orange (is the new Black cat), a timid black kitten they call "Adventure Cat" because she is into everything, so much so that DD put a bell on her collar so they can find her among the boxes.  Both dogs are boys, all the cats are girls.  It seems like a happy furry household--with tumbleweeds of pet hair and lots of vacuuming.

We celebrated my birthday yesterday because it's really tomorrow and DD & SIL1 have to work all day, so we sort of co-opted Mom's birthday since she wasn't using it.  We give them our Smokey Joe Weber grill, some charcoal, fire starters, and a lighter for a housewarming gift (yes, I scrubbed it clean first) so they inaugurated it making shish-kabobs for our dinner which were absolutely delicious and perfectly marinated.  There were fresh tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzle for salad, boiled baby reds, and Sunny Hill Farms corn imported from home.  And chocolate cake!  With Fun-fetti sprinkles!  And candles to blow out!  Which I did in one breath but, to be frank, there weren't 64 candles or I'd never have made it.  We were having so much fun that I neglected to take pictures of the food but DD sent a couple pieces of cake home with us so you can at least see that. 
There were presents too--a belated hand-crocheted potholder for Durwood since he lit one of the previous ones DD made for him on fire (it was an accident and it still works, it's just a little singed) and a coffee mug for me with an outline of Wisconsin with a tiny heart where Green Bay is and then a squiggley dotted line around the mug to an outline of Kentucky with a tiny heart where Lexington is.  I don't need to tell you that I cried, right?

Do not despair, there IS knitting.  I finished Sudoku Maize #7 after supper and instead of casting on #8, I started the Fringe Association Hat-Along #1.  It's the Audrey hat and I'm using Elsebeth Lavold's  Silky Wool (wool & silk yarn with a little nylon for strength, it's yummy) in the Rusty Brown colorway.  I'm calling it Virgo Hat because I started it on what would have been Mom's 87th birthday.  But I will cast on the next Sudoku square soon, I promise.  I will not be letting it languish for another seven years, I want to have it done by the end of the year.  (a goal but not an unreasonable one)

August 31--R. Perron, Mexico Gulf of CA Tiburon Spits.  Gabe and Frannie rolled off the side of the dive boat and into the warm ocean.  As soon as the flurry of silver bubbles cleared Frannie looked for Gabe.  Her hands were busy checking her buckles, making sure her gauges were secure, and settling her mask on her face.  She ran her hand over and up across her forehead to make sure no hair was under her mask to make it leak.  Gabe was usually right beside her but this time he wasn't there.  She looked all around and down on the reef.  No Gabe.  Finally she thought to look up and saw his distinctive fins--one blue and one yellow--at the stern of the dive boat.  She figured he must have broken a strap and was getting help from the boat guy. She adjusted her buoyancy and had started down to join the group when a dark gray shadow fell over her, blotting out the strong Caribbean sun.

Do you realize that today's the last day of August?  Already?  But we're on vacation this week so there are absolutely no chores in my future, Durwood's down for his morning nap, and I'm going to go knit.  I might even shower today.  Relaxation, ah.


Aunt B said...

Happy Birthday Honey! Sounds like you already had a good one yesterday so this year you get to have two -- but without getting two years older!!! I love that mug. Did one of them make it? And all the grand-pets!!! Quite a tribe!

Aunt B said...

P.S. Forgot to mention our wonderful phone conversation yesterday! Loved talking with you and so glad you called!!