Friday, August 21, 2015

A Popular Drinking Spot

When Durwood and I were cruising Walmart the other evening he dragged me into the clearance room (uhhhgh) where I found an oriole nectar feeder on clearance (yay!).  We brought it home, he whipped up a vat of birdie juice, and I hung it outside. (we don't fill it more than a third, the nectar ferments in the heat too fast) The very next day the flock of young orioles that hang around here contorting themselves to drink from the hummingbird feeders discovered it and can't leave it alone.  This morning I saw one, then two, then three (one waiting on the nearest crook), then the fourth one got shooed back into the apple tree.  I'd say that was seven bucks well spent.

I got the fourth Dobby Hat(s) part attached to the hat body yesterday.  Of course, I ran out of the yarn so I had to unearth an other skein close to the first color to continue on.  I'm not fussed running out of the "main" yarns because this is not your traditional hat, is it?  I'm working on the short rows, feeling much more confident that I'm doing this one correctly, and the next hat part is the last hat part, so that's good.  I will probably make another hat like this someday using the called-for yarn and needle size just to prove that I can make it right.  I've got a bag of sock yarn scraps that would be perfect for it.

I bought the cheapest brewski (Natural Ice Lager $2.49/4-pack!) in the liquor store this morning and put a couple dishes of beer out in the garden for the slugs.  D'you think the birds, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks will imbibe too?  Maybe I'd better put out more beer...  Par-tay!

August 21--Brian Fraunfelter, BF505.  Vera woke and lay listening in the dark.  She heard the spattering of hard rain but the sound wasn't coming from the window at the head of the bed.  It seemed to be coming from inside the house.

I fell asleep after "spattering."  I know because there's asleep writing all around the word, then I woke up enough the scribble the pathetic rest of that up there before I was out like a light.  I'd rather fall asleep too fast than have a hard time sleeping any day.  I think I'll go pour out more beer for our nature pals.

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Aunt B said...

Your yard is a veritable birdland!!! Hope the beer snack takes care of the slugs! As I sat here at the computer yesterday, I thin green snake slithered across the window! Thank goodness it was outside!