Friday, August 14, 2015

How To Kill Three Hours

We had two appointments today three hours apart on the far east side of town.  Our first plan was to dawdle around after the first one, grab some lunch, and then go to the second one.  After the first appointment we stopped at a branch library for me to return a DVD due today, then I said I wanted to check out the east side Goodwill to see if there was any good yarn.  Well, first we went to the book department and Durwood found a couple cookbooks he thought he could make good things out of (we're big fans of one-dish meals), then we went to the yarn department.  I found a little bag of small skeins of bright "craft" yarn and a couple others that might get given to Friday Night Knitters or kept for myself.  All in all, we dropped less than twenty bucks and needed two bags to get out of the door.  Not bad.  Then we decided that we really couldn't think of anything else to do and since we had over two hours left to kill we'd just go on home.  But  Durwood's van needed gas so we filled up and we decided we needed more sweet corn, peaches, maybe a cantaloupe, and he said he was down to one tomato (horrors!) so we swung a mile or so out of the way to our favorite farmstand, then we went home--where we barely had time to scarf down some lunch before it was time to zoom back all the way across town to our second appointment.  Next time we need to plan better.

(ooh, it's getting dark outside and there're thunder rumbles... don't you love storms?  when they don't blow down trees and stuff anyway)

This morning I picked a quartet of ripe cherry tomatoes that we shared at lunch (I love the way they grow in a bunch) and saw the spaghetti squash vine making a break for it.  I'm fascinated by those tendrils that are straight when they're reaching out and coil up when they find something to grab onto.

I finished Hat #3 of the Dobby Hat(s) and consulted with VJ at Knitting Guild last night about ways to solve the pattern vs. photo problem.  She approved of my "cable it all" plan and found a few places where I need to slip back to cross cable so the cabling is even.  It was shaping up to be a hat for Bigfoot without doubling up the cabling.  And I cast on Sudoku Terracotta #8 at the Guild meeting; it's the perfect kind of knitting for sitting at a meeting talking and laughing and not paying attention.  It's good for waiting rooms too.  I'm feeling good about sticking to making these little squares.  Who knows, maybe I'll have the throw done one of these years?

August 14--Brian R. Wolff, USS George Washington.  The gray ship rose like a continent over the horizon.  Nate knew they didn't see him ahead of them in his sailboat.  His only chance was to turn aside and ride the bow wave like dolphins did.  He wasn't fast enough to sail out of the way and as it neared him the bulk of the carrier blocked the wind.  His little engine wasn't strong enough and he knew that he was nothing more than a minute speck of white in the confusion of waves and sun sparkles on the water, even if someone on the huge vessel was looking his way.

What can I say, I wasn't very inspired by the photo of an aircraft carrier.  Time to chase down something to make for supper.  Can you say corn on the cob?  And then it's off to Friday Night Knitting.  Ahh.

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Aunt B said...

Are you ever tempted to volunteer at the Goodwill store? You'd get first pick of all the stuff that comes in. I think about it but like many things, that's as far as I get!! Maybe a good thing because I have too much stuff here already.