Thursday, August 27, 2015

Looks Like Autumn

This morning the air changed.  I swear it did.  Or maybe it was the light but something shifted overnight and now it's not really summer anymore.  The sun was barely up when I opened the curtains this morning with pale, creamy yellow on the horizon and the birds were doing acrobatics.  I wasn't fast enough to snap a picture of an oriole perched for a second on the hanging sculpture out the patio doors, the hummingbird made a flash visit to the feeder, and even the bluejays were extra raucous and extra fast, although one did display its peanut from the top of a crook and then swoop down for a drink so I got his picture.  (I think all bluejays are males because they're so brash.  Stereotyping, I know, but I call 'em as I see 'em.)  The only calm and deliberate bird was the downy woodpecker hanging on the suet feeder, holding nice and still so I could snap its picture.  Good birdie.

I finished the Dobby Hat(s) at work yesterday.  I even made the pompom, but I only tied it on with a bow because I am going to have to do a little felting of the hat because it turned out ginormous.  I should have followed my math at the beginning and not been swayed by how small the ribbing looked when I started.  Oh well, I love the way it looks and if I have to thread elastic cord through the ribbing to keep it in place I'll wear it because I love it.  It's like one of your kids; you love them even if they're a little goofy looking.  I've had a rash of too-big hats lately so I should probably cast on another hat in a simpler pattern to get my hat mojo (if I ever really had any) back.

Sudoku Lake #8 is over halfway done so that means after one more blue square I get to shift to Maize (gold) to make 3, then Almond (pale yellow) for 3, then Stone (pale gray) for 3, before tackling Violet, Berry, and Snow to make 8 of each.  I can do this.  But I discovered just last night that Lion Brand discontinued Cotton Ease last month so I think I'll stop at Michael's on my way to work to see if they've got a skein of the Berry (pink).  That's the only one I'm iffy on having enough of.  Wouldn't it be a kick in the slats if I get almost to the end and am one pink square short?  Someone on Ravelry's bound to have even a partial skein they'll consent to sell me if I get desperate.

August 27--Walter Bibikow, Aspen Trees.  The thin trunks of the leafless aspens grew so close together that every step was more of a stumble and they lined up so Therese felt like she was walking through walls.  The knee-high grass was a bright yellow gold that made a sharp contrast with the dark green pine trees edging the clearing.  A pair of crows leapfrogged ahead of her in the treetops, cawing as if taunting the snow out of the thick and tumbling clouds overhead.  She shrugged her backpack more comfortably on her shoulders and kept moving.  She could see the smoke from Micah's cabin rising above the trees on the downslope ahead. A smile played on her lips and her breath was visible in the still air when she said, "Downhill, yeah."

Time to shower and do all that worky stuff.  Enjoy your day.

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Aunt B said...

It seems like Fall is in the air down here too but I know it isn't. Time to worry about a hurricane. But not until next week. Glad to read that you plan to wear that cute stacked hat.