Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So Hot

The first half of yesterday was quiet at the dive shop and it wasn't until the afternoon that I realized that it was hot in there, and getting hotter.  The air conditioner seemed to be running but it was blowing tepid (at best) air.  So I called Mrs. Boss and she called Mr. Boss and he came after work and fixed it.  It was the breaker which I didn't know how to get to anyway (now I do).  But it sure was hot and steamy fitting a couple in wetsuits and filling a bunch of tanks.  I was tempted to call Durwood to say that I thought we should have Popsicles for supper.  I didn't but I was sure glad to get into the car and crank up the a/c.

I knitted a little on the Sudoku terracotta block #7 at work yesterday but kept getting interrupted by those darned customers.

The cherry tomatoes are ripening but the rest of them aren't holding up their end of the bargain yet.

August 11--Jim Barber, United Kingdom Flag.  There was a flutter of red and white fabric in the ditch up ahead.  Shea thought it was one of those eternal plastic shopping bags that never went away.  They were like ghosts the way they rose, dipped, and glided on the slightest breeze, getting caught in trees and tangled in bushes and around signs.  She collected the bags and any other trash she found on her walks.  Then she was glad to find a bag to put other trash in.  She had become a lot less squeamish about poking around in ditches and roadsides to collect things that people threw out of their cars.  Once she found a hundred dollar bill twisted around a thistle.  She didn't mind getting pricked and poked to rescue old Ben Franklin from the dirt and weather.  The red and white fluttering in the cold morning breeze looked like a flag but she didn't think she wanted to pick up the bare foot that protruded from its folds.

Tonight I get to have supper with JC and LL two of the women I took Tae Kwon Do with a bajillion years ago (actually it was 20 years which only seems like a bajillion most of the time).  It'll be fun to catch up on their lives.

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Aunt B said...

I remember seeing a video of your kids doing Tae Kwan Do a bazillion years ago. Didn't remember you doing it too. I hate it when customers get in the way of what you really want to be doing at work!