Saturday, August 15, 2015

A "Charm" of Bluejays?

Durwood and I were wondering recently what a group of bluejays is called.  You know that a group of crows is a "murder" and a group of owls is a "parliament." Dad loved that a flock of larks is called an "exaltation," but what's a group of bluejays called?  I looked it up... well, I googled it and it's either a "charm" or a "party."  I think those are both wrong; I think it should be called a "raucous" because of how they announce their arrival and call all their buddies when I've put out peanuts, but all the sources say different.  I didn't get a vote.

Last night at knitting I tried to decipher a new pattern I bought on Ravelry for making crocheted snowballs -- for indoor snowball fights.  I relearned one thing--a roomful of chattering, laughing knitters is NOT the place to figure out a new pattern.  I had a snowball's chance in Hell of figuring it out.  I put it away and worked toward finishing Sudoku Terracotta #8 and almost made it.  I did the final few rows this morning.  One more terracotta one to go and I'm on to making three lake (light blue) ones.  I'm chugging away on these blocks.  I foresee a screeching halt when I get to the last three colors that I have only one of each of, but I'll get through this.  Unless an irresistible pattern sashays by and lures me away, of course.

August 15--Michael Paras, DSB93309-30A.  "Fifteen miles," Paul said into the phone.  "It's fifteen miles up the logging road from the county highway."  He shifted the phone to his other ear so he could make a note on a scrap of paper.  "No, there isn't a phone, there's barely electricity and that goes out when the wind blows too hard."  Marilyn sat at her desk typing up the monthly reports.  She had finished making out the payroll checks that Paul needed to sign before he left on his vacation.  Things quieted down a lot when Paul was away.  He was a good enough boss but he talked loud all the time and he barked orders when he got pressed for time or felt like he was in over his head.  Marilyn was looking forward to a little peace and quiet.

It's going to be a hot one today, hot and sunny.  I wish I had a pool to lounge in.  Maybe I'll run through the sprinkler.

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Aunt B said...

A "charm" of bluejays???? I don't think so. But "party" might work -- a raucous party!! The wildlife around here still abounds. When I went out to the mailbox yesterday, there was a deer right there -- being quiet but keeping an eye on me before it turned and bounced back into the golf course underbrush. Then twice -- yes twice!! -- yesterday I corralled and caught a little frog right inside the front door. Tossed both out the backdoor to find their way back to wherever they belong. Probably in the now sparkling pond!