Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Can Not Wake Up Today

This is the third or maybe the fourth day of thick overcast, drizzle or rain, and high humidity.  I'm now in a lack-of-sunlight stupor.  The alarm clock buzzed at 6:06, at 6:11, at 6:16 when I turned it off, then the 6:31 alarm across the room got me on my feet, into the bathroom, back into bed, and I finally got out of bed and MADE the bed at 6:52.  Which means it took me until almost 7:45 to take garden and backyard photos to put on here, stir up a cup of sauce to add to the too-dry black beans and rice lunches left for the week, toddle down to the freezer and bring up a package of fish for Durwood to turn into supper, take the newspaper back into the bathroom, and plunk myself in the living room to do my daily Wii workout.  So here I am, it's 8:30 and I am not awake.  Upright, yes.  Out of bed, yes.  Drinking coffee, yes (but it is decaf so what can I expect?).  Awake, no.

LC has decided she likes to "cook."  She'll use Tupperware lids and a plastic spoon to stir things up, even tip the lid over her mouth and say "mmm," so I dug out an old aluminum pot of that belonged to Durwood's mom, a short wooden spoon, some of the plastic stuff out of the camping box, and an ancient aluminum measuring cup and put it into a basket for her.  Durwood said she needed "food" so we cruised Walmart's toy dept and found this basket of play food for five bucks.  I took out the cardboard boxes pretending to be milk, juice, cereal, etc. that she'd tear up (she'll get them back when she's a little bigger) but I thought this was a pretty good bargain since it comes in a plastic shopping basket she'll like carrying things around in.

Despite the continued heat the apples say that fall is coming.  Also Monday's storm didn't do the leaning privacy fence in the backyard any favors.  It's not our fence so Durwood's calling the building owner behind us today to urge him to fix it.  Nicely, of course.

There's a whole vine of gourd-lets growing and one nice spaghetti squash but the one I freed from the wire didn't make it.  I found its corpse on the ground this morning.  There will be no funeral.

And it's raining again.  Some poor service schmuck is working in the street and just got himself all decked out in his rain gear and is keeping on working.  You know he'll be damp and uncomfortable all day, the poor guy.

I'm 3/4 done with Sudoku Lake #7.  Sorry I keep showing you this tiny thing but it's the only knitting I've been doing and I didn't cut up any fabric yesterday so it's all I've got.

August 19--Eric Crossan, Smooth Sailing.  The thick cloud cover blended into the still waters of the bay as the sailboat glided past the old Nag's Head lighthouse on the point.  The setting sun gleamed rose-gold through a chink in the clouds.  Caleb thought he saw someone waving from the top of the lighthouse but he knew that it had been boarded up for years.  He was sure that the local kids found their way inside with a willing date and a six-pack because he'd gone with James and Asa just last month to clear out the debris left by their parties and he had personally made sure that the ladder to the top was removed.

I think it's Rapunzel waving at him, don't you?  Or a siren intent on luring him to crash his boat on the rocks.  Hey, I was tired, odd things run through your mind when you're tired.  It's a work day and it's almost 9 o'clock.  I'd better get cracking or I'll be at the dive shop in a cami, shorts, and slippers.  Not a good work look, not even on business casual days.

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Aunt B said...

What a struggle to get out of bed! But on days like that, who can blame you? Not me of course. I used to be a very quick person to hop out and get going on a work day but those days are gone forever! Rainy down here too but nothing like what you've had.