Monday, August 3, 2015


I said I'd bring marshmallows and cookies when I go to meet Lala tomorrow.  I picked up a bag of marshmallows at the store the other day but didn't get any cookies.  I was going to buy cookies but in the end I just couldn't.  Store-bought cookies aren't the same as homemade cookies so I had to make them.  The only thing I didn't have on hand was a bag of Hershey's Special Dark chocolate chips (and they were quite a bit cheaper than Toll House) but a quick trip to the grocery took care of that little problem.  After supper I made a batch and instead of doling them out a spoonful at a time I got out a cookie sheet and made a pan cookie.  I learned when DS was in the Army and DD was in college (and in England part of the time) and I was making a lot of cookies to send off, a pan cookie was a much more efficient way to make them, plus I use a little bit bigger pan so they're still about the same thickness as a regular cookie, they're just square.  And they pack well in that shape and stack nicely in your hand when you're feeling gluttonous.  I got them all bagged up and stowed before bedtime to remove temptation for the Midnight Dishwasher, and me too.  It's too easy to walk by and grab one when they're just sitting in the pan all cut and ready to be eaten.

Speaking of supper, I had a couple little pieces of beef thawing to slap on the grill but a line of strong storms blew through in the afternoon and I was sure I'd be doomed to broiling the meat but it slacked off and dribbled out just around 5 o'clock so the grilling was back on.  I don't know if it was the high humidity, the fact that the chimney was damp or what but I had an impressive plume of smoke going when lighting the charcoal.  I didn't take a picture of the beef, it disappeared too fast.

I finished Sodoku Lime #9 while listening to a podcast and rewound the White Elephant yarn while talking to DD on the phone.  What looked like worsted yarn wound in the tight balls turns out to be bulky yarn when released from the super-tight rolls.  It's all acrylic and it'll make excellent fast mittens to donate to a nearby elementary school when the weather turns cold.  Kids can never have too many mittens.  Got the laundry done too, not folded, Durwood will do that later in the week after I carry it up for him, but at least it's all washed and dried. Then I picked up the Dobby Hat(s) and got a stripe added and the next one started.  It's not hard knitting, not even too hard to understand, and I really like the way it's looking.  Can't wait to add the next hat.

August 3--Doug Plummer, H11-11-19 Handshake.  Carol saw it out of the corner of her eye, two hands at the end of suit sleeves and French cuffs clasped in agreement.  She was sure that the men didn't think she could see them.  Her fingers were busy on the keyboard and her eyes flicked from her notes to the monitor and back.  Her back was turned to Mr. Patterson's office door where he and Mr. Georgioni stood.  Their voices where falsely friendly and carried the tone of a badly performed script, and she saw their reflection in her monitor.

Time to get some grub, pack the week's lunches so I don't leave them in the fridge, and get off to the SCUBA mine.

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Aunt B said...

Only Tuesday but it already feels as if Beach Week has been going on forever!! Rainy day yesterday. Maybe that's why. Too much togetherness!!!