Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Freed the Squash!

It was easier than I thought it'd be (and worth an exclamation point, IMHO, so take that innerDictator), it only took a couple snips with a wire cutter right close to the cell where the squash was stuck, a little twist with the pliers, a little bend, a little tug, and it was free.  It'll never outgrow the mark of the wire and it'll probably rot where it stands but at least if it does grow now it has a chance.

I finished Sudoku Terracotta #7 at work yesterday, and then I got to work on Hat #3 of the Dobby Hat(s).  It was already attached to #1 & 2 but I had to find another skein of blue that I thought would go with the one I was using but not clash too much with the green to come, wind it up, and decide how and where I would join them.  I ended up just using the first blue until it was too short, then adding in the second blue.  No thinking needed.  It's kind of a scrap hat anyway so I'm throwing the rules out the window.

I've been seeing those little yellow Minions all over my TV and wasn't quite sure what they were about so I asked DD and she recommended watching Despicable Me.  I couldn't stream it on Netflix (tsk) so I borrowed it from the library.  I watched it last night.  I liked the Minions but I loved the little girls--and I kind of sniffled at the end, not cried exactly, but I did tear up when he read his book to them.  *sniff*

The sky this morning looked like it really meant to rain on us.  It didn't.  It passed.  They're saying maybe rain later.  We need rain.  We don't need more 89 degrees and humid, which they are also talking about today.  *sigh*  And we're supposed to knit in the park tonight at Guild.  Good thing somebody's got the key to the building so we can go inside if it's yucky outside.

August 13--Jim Barber, #0343.  The sunlight glinted off the brass spyglass in Tally's hand.  She had found it in her Gramps' back room along with a tube of rolled up maps he said were nautical charts.  "From my days on the water," he told her when she asked about them.  They had unrolled the charts on the scrubbed pine table on the sunporch and he showed her how to read them.  She was excited when the faint blue lines matched the coastline she could see from the top of the dunes.

And now I have to hurry off to DePere for a haircut before work.  I'll be back once I get the store up and running to tack some pictures on, run Spellcheck, and post this.  Back in a short... I'm back.  Got my haircut and scheduled the next one for two days before I go up to The Clearing for a week-long writing workshop--that means it's only 6 weeks & 2 days away.  Hooray!!!  (there're three exclamation points, innerDictator, ha)  Time to work, or at least be ready when work comes a-calling.

P.S.--I decided to change "innerHitler" to "innerDictator" so as not to offend anyone's delicate sensibilities.  People are touchy these days and prone to not giving people the benefit of the doubt.

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Aunt B said...

Yay for the freed squash! And that hat(s) looks very complicated. Anxious to see the finished product. I'm ready for some football!!! Glad to see the Pack started out right and I know it's only pre-season but it's still football!