Monday, August 24, 2015

Not What I Want To See

When I went out this morning and looked down I saw this in the grass.  In a month I wouldn't mind, in August it's not something I want to see.

The purple coneflowers are looking beautiful and there's even one last bee balm blossom peeking out of the yarrow.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening working on Dobby Hat(s) #5.  I dug out a sock pattern that tells how to use three different strands/colors of yarn to make spiral stripes and it seemed to make the most sense (and require less counting) if I used DPNs (double point needles) so I did that.  I think I like the way it looks.  It does kind of detract from the white stripe with the red Fair Isle wave through it, but I don't think I'm going to change it.  I anticipate running out of the purple before the pointy tip so I'll just go on with the red and white and make a white pompom.  It'll be good.

This morning I was fast enough to catch a hummingbird in mid-flight.  They're so amazing to see, I wish they'd stay longer so we could just sit and watch them.

August 24--Carl Fischer, Fortune Teller.  The tent was faded green and orange, and smelled of straw.  Glenda regretted walking in and would have turned around if the woman hadn't spoken.  "You shouldn't go yet," she said in her rusty voice, "we have a few things to discuss."  Glenda said, "Excuse me?"  She walked over toward the fortune teller and stood behind the empty chair.  "You have questions, right? You didn't just wander in here on a dare."  The fortune teller flicked her hand at the seat across from her.  "Sit. Ask your questions. You probably won't believe the answers but I'll tell you anyway."

I took the time to walk the treadmill this morning so I was running late for work but I miss it and feel guilty when I skip walking.  It makes me feel good.  FW, one of the Friday Night knitters gave me a big bag of her homegrown tomatoes in exchange for a couple skeins of thrift shop yarn I found for her.  Durwood's jaw dropped when he saw them, he's been eating on them all weekend, I made us each a caprese salad with last night's supper, and there are still enough for me to have them with my lunches this week.  That was an excellent trade.  Thanks, FW, you're the best.

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Aunt B said...

I can't believe you got that excellent picture of the hummingbird in flight!!! The one that visited our window box hasn't been back since I tore out all those falling-over-the-edge orange flowers. (I should learn the names of the stuff I plant!)