Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Peanut "Party" of Bluejays

I was literally scraping the bottom of the barrel to put peanuts in the shell out for the Bluejays so I dashed off to the birdseed store yesterday and bought a 50# sack (yes, fifty pounds, it saved me twenty bucks) of them and when I got home it was Bluejay party time.  I refilled the peanut wreath and hung it up (because there wasn't room for it in the storage can anymore) and that was all the invitation they needed.  This morning I noticed a squirrel crouched under the wreath with its little paws held as if in prayer; I'm certain it was trying to work out how to get up there and nab some nuts.  It bounded off without trying.  Good squirrel.  There are three young orioles that have made one of our hummingbird feeders their own.  Oh, they still dip their bills in the grape jam and orange half but the birdie juice is their real love.  We had an oriole nectar feeder out there but they ignored it in favor of the smaller, harder to access ones.  *shrug*  Whatever, that just means Durwood uses a bit less sugar every time he boils up a batch of birdie juice.

I'm this close to having Sudoku Terracotta #9 done, and I was going to put off blogging until I finished it, but I realized that I needed to blog before my brain shut down for the day so here I am.  I'll show you the last three all finished tomorrow. Promise.

I've decided I'm going to contact the designer of the Dobby Hat(s) pattern.  I took the pattern and my hat so far to Guild the other night and had a Master Hand Knitter take a look and she agreed that the written directions don't match the photo, so I'm going to muster up my guts and email the designer and see what she has to say.  Don't worry, I'll be respectful.

August 16--Rob Goldman, #526.  Gabe, Max, and Raymi hunched over the building diagram on the metal-framed table they had dragged under the only working light in the abandoned welding shop.  The late afternoon sun barely penetrated the filthy windows high on the walls.  Max jabbed his finger at the plan.  "We have to go in there.  It's the only logical place to be out of view of the security cameras."  Gabe shook his head.  "These are not morons we're dealing with, they're sure to have something rigged in this so call dead zone of yours."  He crooked his fingers making air quotes.  "Look, guys," Raymi spread her arms out to them, "they won't be looking for someone bringing a painting in.  I think we'll be okay."

Hm, a reverse art heist?  That might be interesting.  It's damned hot and humid today.  I'm taking the day off and might not put on real clothes.  Who am I kidding?  It's after 2 o'clock, I'm not putting on real clothes.  So sue me.  I need a day off. *nyah*  (my Grandma Stephan used to say "a bird will come and poop on your tongue" when I stuck it out but one never did so I'm risking it)

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Aunt B said...

It's so nice to have a day like that -- when you don't have to get dressed -- unless you want to! And it sounded like you didn't want to. You don't have to be all spiffed up to watch the birds and knit!