Friday, August 7, 2015

Misty Drizzle

That's what I see out the window, misty drizzle.  Not real rain, we could sure use that, just a dribble that's annoying to be out in.  It's not even enough to wet the whole street.  See?

When I started making breakfast burritos to freeze for Durwood I'd wrap a packet of Taco Bell mild sauce in each one.  He didn't really like having to take it out before heating up the burrito and then we ran out of the packets.  We don't go to Taco Bell much, hardly ever, so I searched online to see if they sell bottles of the sauce.  They do--but not around here, of course.  So I went on Amazon (you can buy everything on Amazon, I think, we should buy their stock.  do they have stock?)  It comes in a 2-pack for about twelve bucks, not cheap but not outrageously
expensive.  He's burrito-ed his way through one and a half bottles so I ordered more today.  This time I ordered two 2-packs, saving a little on shipping.  I might as well store it and have a stock laid in.  In case of the zombie apocalypse, you understand.

Last time we were at Woodman's I was hanging around in the tea aisle waiting for Durwood to cruise the meat cases and hit all the tasters when I found myself next to the loose tea dispensers.  To pass the time (Durwood's a very thorough taster) I read the ingredients and found myself buying a bit of Cameron's Spicy Plum herbal tea.  It sounded intriguing and smelled great but I forgot to write down the ingredients, so I just googled it.  Here's what it says on the Cameron's site: "Spicy plum fairies make this exclusive blend of Saigon tea, cinnamon, Chinese ginger, South African rooibos, Sudanese hibiscus, Chilean rose hips, and other natural flavor."  Yeah.  I'm not sure I believe the bit about the fairies but I'm looking forward to the cinnamon (poor thing, it's the only ingredient that doesn't have a pedigree mentioned) and ginger.  Maybe I'll brew up some to take to knitting tonight.  Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Speaking of knitting, I added a few rows to Sudoku Terracotta #7 yesterday but haven't been in a knitting mood so I'm no further on the Dobby Hat(s).  I'll work on that tonight.  Cross my heart.

Look!  The second wave of blooms on Dad's rose has started.  Now if only the Japanese beetles stay away.

August 7--Andrew Child, World Map on Sky.  In her dream Jess could see through the oceans and the continents to the sky and clouds.  Her hand slid right through Canada to bat away the clouds filling Hudson Bay.

That's all.  I was so tired it was a struggle to get even that much.  Lately when it hits 10 o'clock I can barely keep my eyes open.  I blame the weather.  Time to... something.  Maybe get dressed, the DVD of Despicable Me is waiting for me at the library.  (No, I've never seen it.)

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Aunt B said...

You may have my share of that tea. Somehow it looks like tree bark!! But the rose.... I'll definitely take that!!! Beach Week truly over. LD and Jeff leave today.