Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Think It'll Rain?

Yesterday it was sunny when I drove to work but it didn't stay that way.  Durwood called me to say that it was raining so hard here the birdbath looked like it was boiling when it was still sunny on the east side.  But not for long.  It started to rain and it RAINED like it wasn't going to stop.  There was so much water was falling off the little roof over the back door it sounded like a fire hose.  One of the instructors returned a pair of tanks for service in the middle of the deluge and I had to take a picture.  It rained like that twice in the afternoon with gaps in between and last night was pretty dry, but it was raining again this morning when I got stuck on the bridge.

Look at what's growing out in the garden!  A cute little gourd-let, and it's not the only one.  Yay!

Do you know what's hard to find in August?  Crocs for kids.  The ones I bought for LC in the spring are getting too small so I've been searching for more.  Not at Walmart.  Not at Target.  Not at Shopko or Walgreens.  Not at Fleet Farm.  But today I remembered that I had a gift card for Rogans.  The shoe guy and I scrounged around and found one pair in size 5 and one in size 6.  Granted, the size 5s are blue with superheroes on them but they're not fashion shoes, they're pool and backyard play shoes.  I lose patience with stores when I can't find season-appropriate items.  I could buy a whole cart full of Halloween costumes but can't find any Crocs, not even any knockoff Crocs.  Grr.

August 18--Lightscapes, USFX-030895.  It's called a Mercator Projection.  It looks like they've taken a globe and flattened it out.  All of the ones I see in textbooks and atlases around here have North America in the center of the map, as if the USA is the center around which the entire rest of the world revolves.  Is it the same everywhere?  If it is, can you imagine world maps in Australia?  There it would be in its upside-down fortune cookie shape with the rest of the continents all skewed and crammed in the top half of the map with only Antarctica sprawled lazily across the bottom of the page.

I think maybe I'll go downstairs and cut up some fabric.  Or not.

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Aunt B said...

Those little crocs are so cute and adorable! Like the little tiny gourd!!! You said you needed rain ---- but a downpour??? Crazy weather.