Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gone Adventuring

We drove off Thursday after work into the sunset, well, alongside the sunset, to Kenosha.  And then yesterday drove all-l-l-l-l-l the way to Lexington to visit DD and SIL1.

I drove us from Kenosha around Chicago and into Indiana where I turned the wheel over to Durwood and he got us the rest of the way.  (turns out I had a better deal, my part had way better traffic)  Round about Lafayette, IN there's a long swath of windmills.  I know people hate them but I like seeing them.  They look small from the highway but they're enormous. We stopped in Indy for lunch at a Steak 'n Shake (not bad burgers, didn't try the shakes).  Traffic sucked for a while south of Indy where they're playing with the road but it REALLY sucked in Louisville where they funneled four lanes into two when we were crossing the Ohio River and then had to immediately take an exit.  Yikes.

Today we got to see DD and SIL1's new house, still full of boxes from their very recent move, and Durwood got to pet as many cats and dogs as would hold still.  Here he's holding George, a very dog-like cat.  We love their house.  It's in a nice neighborhood and I've never seen a bathtub like the one in the master bath.  It's like a small swimming pool.

I like when Durwood drives because then I get to knit.  I finished Sudoku Lake #8 and #9 so it's on to Sudoku Maize #7, which I already started.  I'll knit three Maize, three Almond, four Stone--and then it's the slog of eight Berry, eight Snow, and eight Violet.  Good thing these are just 5" squares.  I planned something right all those years ago.  Then I'll crochet them into the correct arrangement with Charcoal, knit the Charcoal dividing strips, sew the whole thing together, and figure out an edging.  Maybe by then I'll be so tired of it I'll crochet a couple rounds and call it done.  I'm chugging away at it; it's (almost) all I brought to do this week.

No writing last night, I was too tired to shove the pencil over the paper.  Time for more visiting.

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Aunt B said...

Glad you got there safe and sound. But that's a long, long, VERY LONG drive!!! Have fun with the kids and all the dogs and cats!!!!