Saturday, November 30, 2013

Off to Catch Fire

Today I'm going to meet my friend, Lala, in Sheboygan for lunch and to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire.  We saw the first movie together down there so it's only fitting that we see the second one there too.  I voted for an overnight but she's too busy so we're settling for a meet, eat, and watch.  We're planning to eat a very healthy lunch so there can be movie snacks.  I'm leaning toward Milk Duds while I think Lala's in for fake-buttered popcorn but time will tell.

I got the laundry done yesterday while I sew a couple more of the gifties I cut out earlier in the week.  And I sorted through knitting patterns and yarns to replace the sock and sweater I finished, then cast on a hexagon dishcloth (for stock) and a sand dollar dish/washcloth for the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild's Christmas dishcloth exchange.  I like 'em both.  I was thinking of using some green sock yarn DD gave me for my birthday a few years back for my next sock but it's way thinner than the last stuff.  I'm going to be smart and do a gauge swatch (which seems like such a waste of knitting to me but then I think of my Smart car cozy of a sweater and reconsider, besides I can unknit it and still use the yarn) thinking maybe if I go down a needle size and up a pattern size I'll have something acceptable and foot-like.

I can't believe that my 10 days of being off is almost over, today and tomorrow and that's it, I'm back to work.  Time = whoosh.  Where did the time go?  That reminds me, I need to make up some chicken soup tomorrow for work lunches.

November 30--Marc Chagall, Snow, Winter in Vitebsk.  Mal felt the frayed rope dig into his fingers even though his hand was beyond cold.  His boots crunched in the refrozen slush on the road.  He knew that the hole in his left boot had gotten bigger because his sock was wetter than usual.  "Faster, faster," Maria and Peter called from their huddle of blankets in the sled behind him.  If he went faster they would get home sooner, at least part of him stayed warm while he was moving.  At home they would all freeze.

I love me some Chagall.  You have a great Saturday, do something fun.

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