Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sunny, Breezy, Cold Saturday

It's gorgeous out there but, man, that wind is cold.  I'd hate to be out in the woods looking to shoot a deer today.  I thought about going to the holiday parade downtown this morning but decided I'd rather stay warm.  Durwood and I went to get his van, then I did a couple errands, and after this I'm going to whip up a crockpot of chili for lunches this week I'm off.  All of the people in the county were in Festival Foods this morning careening around in my way and giving me dirty looks when I reached for what I wanted.  People--I'm getting tired of them.  It's probably good I'm off this next week.

The news was all good from yesterday's doctor tests and visit.  Whew.  I'd have hated to have eaten a sub-standard hospital cafeteria lunch and still spent the whole day and gotten bad news on top of it.  Even worse was coming home to a message from an old friend's dad to learn that she succumbed to breast cancer yesterday in Madison.  She's the first of my high school friends to go.  This sucks.  Godspeed, Kathy.

The sun's streaming in the window next to me and I see that I should have washed the windows before it got this cold.  It might warm up a bit or maybe I'll wait for the next cloudy day and just get it over with.  You do know that you're not supposed to wash windows on a sunny day because then they dry too fast and get streaky, right?  One good thing is that the sash windows are the kind that flip down from the top so you can wash inside and outside from the inside.  I don't even know if they make the other kind anymore.  The last time I washed the windows and got out a ladder to do the living room ones a neighbor guy came over to "thank" me because seeing me out there made his wife tell him to do theirs.  He wasn't really angry but it sure was a surprise to open the door to that.

November 23--Georges Seurat, Study for "A Sunday on Le Grande Jatte."  The sun is high in the sky making small circles of shade behind each tree.  The leaves hang still and the water is flat.  Black smoke rises from the factory stack across the river in a narrow column that flattens out when it reaches the upper atmosphere.  George sits in a shade circle trying to focus on his sketch but sweat, one bead at a time, rolls down into his eyes or drops onto his paper.

Now I'm off to make chili, should make the house smell awesome.

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Aunt B said...

Grocery shopping on Saturday can be a challenge!!! I was in a crowd at a downtown flea market but everyone was in a good mood in spite of the rainy day! Wonderful sale in an old church.