Monday, November 25, 2013

Took a Break From Injuring Myself

I had a much more sedate day yesterday, spending most of it working on a writing project that needs finishing this week.  It made a nice change from whamming my face into a dishwasher on Saturday.  Thanks again for all your help, DS.

I got my FINISHED Khaki Cardi washed and blocked downstairs so I can actually wear it as a garment instead of an oddly-shaped lap robe with needles sticking out of a sleeve.  I had to stand on the basement stairs to take its picture and then flipped the picture, which explains why it looks out of perspective, at least it does to me.  (oh, I could have turned the table around, it's on wheels, that would have fixed that *head slap*)  I can see that either I misread the pattern or some adjustments need to be made in the underarm area if I ever make that particular pattern again.  Those armholes will be hanging way down my side and there's too much fabric under there, but I am NOT frogging it and starting over, no sirree Bob.  (I just remembered DS saying it as "I'm sorry Bob" when he was little, too cute.)  Also I might have overestimated my acreage, that sweater's kind of big.  Can you say "positive ease"?  I might be knitting a gauge swatch next time I cast on a sweater.  (what a concept!)

I filled all the feeders yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the bluejays raucous arrival this morning for the peanuts.  They let everyone know when they're in the area in no uncertain terms.  I was quick and managed to get a photo of one taking a drink.  They're loud and fast.

November 24--Flemish, The Triumph of Fame.  The warm grass was brightened by the nodding flowers grown in clusters over the softly rolling hill.  there wasn't a path so Beth lifted her skirt to her knees and walked to the top of the rise.  She felt the cool kiss of the morning dew on her bare feet and legs, surprised that it hadn't burned off by then.  She heard the bells on the cows in the field below the hill and the birds in the trees.

Once again all set up and no action.  One of these days...  I'll get it, besides that's what editing's for.  I'm thinking I'll shower, dress, and run a couple errands so I can head downstairs and play with fabric on this cold, windy day.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

Congrats on finishing that cute sweater. Know you're going to be happy to be wearing it instead of carrying it!