Friday, November 8, 2013

It's Friday and I Have to Work

But only until 4:30 so I won't miss most of Friday Night Knitting.  *whew*  I have to remember to get the charcoal all set to light before I leave this morning so I can call Durwood when Mr. Boss arrives so he can fire it up.  We're having steaks on the grill tonight.  Just because.  We're independent that way.

I had an entire customer yesterday, one, well a couple (and a guy dropped off 4 tanks to be filled but he won't count until today when he pays), but they bought things three times.  First he paid for their son's dive computer repair, then she bought a flag, float, and line setup, then on their way out I sold him a new mask strap, but the point-of-sale computer counted them all as one.  Three transactions = one customer?  Must be "new" math.  Speaking of math, I want an abacus.  Not a kids' counting frame but an abacus and I want to know how to use it.  See, I'm semi-addicted to hidden object games and most of the puzzles have an abacus in them.  I've always been curious about them and how they work so... I want one.

Did you know that you can make a "wishlist" on Amazon and it doesn't have to be all books, movies, and music?  DD & DIL2 have them and that's been a big help in gift buying since I learned of it.  They live so far away it's hard to know what to get them and it helps.  So if you're in my gift-giving stream or if your wishlist is empty, could you please add an item or two?  Thank you.   Now I've made one too for people who might want to give me a gift and I refine it as my desires and tastes change.  Gee, this Internet thing is really handy.

I didn't make it under the covers by 10:30 last night but nearly.  Unfortunately that didn't prevent me from falling asleep, pencil in hand, in under 10 minutes.  C'est la vie.

November 8--Nemser, Ensemble.  The dress under her brown wool coat looked like swirling autumn leaves.  Lila kept moving just enough so that the pleats swung around her knees.  She rocked on her heels to music only she could hear as she waited for the bus.  George stayed behind her so that she couldn't see him but his eyes never left her.  She was near enough to touch but far out of his league.

At least I managed to insert a bit of creepiness and that's what I try to do, not start with two pages of scene-setting but jump right into the story.  I think I have mixed success but I keep trying.  It's frosty out there today but the sun is shining.  Happy Friday!

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Aunt B said...

A wish list for grown-ups!!! Cool!! I could make one a mile long.