Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Soooo Windy (How Windy Is It?)

It's so windy that the peanuts I put in the birdfeeder yesterday were on the lawn when I got up this morning.  (I put them back and tamped them into the seeds; hopefully they'll stay or at least the bluejays will find them before the squirrels do.)  Man, the wind is just roaring.  I think I'll be bundling up for work.  (d'you think I'll have any customers?  yeah, me neither)

The inaugural concert of the So So Orchestra was a triumph.  The director/organizer/HJZ's cousin's husband (sure is a small world, eh?) lured a few of the musicians from the Youth Symphony to "fill in their sound" but they did okay.  It was so much fun to be a proud parent in the audience again and DS & DIL1 got just as much of a kick out of having their Moms and Dads at their concert again, so much so that they treated us when we stopped for supper afterwards.  Thanks, kids!  (we raised them right)

HJZ invited us to their house for Thanksgiving (in 10 days!!!  did you know it's coming that fast?) and I volunteered us to bring dressing and pumpkin bread pudding with either rum or caramel sauce (or both).  It'll be our first chance to see K&GZ's new little guy.  (ooh, baby)

In the afternoon I went down to the sewing machine and finished the lap throw I started last Sunday.  It's black and white flannel with black linen on the back so I used red thread to tack it together every 6" or so; the red isn't glaring but kind of a little treat of color when you look closely at it.  I like it.  I need to get my fabric and cutting implements out and get all of the "family" gifts cut out this week so I can sew them together and make a move toward that holiday in December that I'm not going to name right now so it doesn't lurch closer when it hears its name, but you know what I mean.  Eesh.  Don't you think it comes around faster and faster every year?

November 18--Etienne Delaune , Armor for Henry II.  Steven had been his friend since the first day of second grade when Hank sat down on Steven's lunch on the bus.  They fought.  Of course they fought about the squashed lunch but they also fought about who could spit farthest and who could slide their math book closest to the front of the bus under the seats.

That was it, actually I finished the last sentence just now.  I was pooped last night but had a good day despite the rain and wind.  I made apple pancakes, finished sewing a blanket, went to a concert, and out to supper--what's not to love?  It's Monday.  It's payday.  Time to eat, shower, and go collect my money.  And try not to get blown to kingdom come in the process--but I bet the wind shaves a couple minutes off my time getting to work, it's a strong tailwind if you're driving east.

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Aunt B said...

Crazy, crazy weather!!! At least you didn't get one of those horrific tornadoes!