Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The sun came out this morning.  The sky is blue, and the maples next door have decided to stop making chlorophyll.  Their bright gold kind of slapped me in the eyes when I raised the shade this morning.  And I slept in.  A whole 45 minutes.  Not much, but it's something and I didn't wake up to the startling buzzzzzz of the alarm clock.  I woke up because I had to pee, which is a nicer way to wake up than that annoying buzz or beep.  Sorta.

I had zero customers at work yesterday.  I did have a phone call from an eLearner so I got to work setting up her pool sessions, and one of the instructors stopped in to sign a student folder for me, and I had to apply for about 10 certification cards online, so I had work but not customers.  I hate when I don't take in any moolah through a day.  I didn't expect customers in the late afternoon because the Packer/Bear game was in town so everyone was focused on that.  I did get straight home after 6 PM though, traffic was a tad heavier but I didn't have to swing way north and creep home down side streets like I have to sometimes.  The closer it is to kickoff the sparser the traffic.  They open Lambeau Field for tailgating 3 hours before the kickoff so most of the people are in place long before I try to cross town.  My dive buddy, KC, plays drums in the Packer Band, they roam the parking lot playing for the partiers instead of on the field and he says by the time they start some people are already staggering drunk.  Good lord, how can they watch the game like that?  How can they sit in their seat?  If you're a fan, you already know that the Packers lost.

November 5--Takuo Itoh, Tokuseu Hitome Sohshibori Hon Furisode.  The cool silk kimono wrapped around her like a lover's arms.  The fabric whispered as she paced, back and forth, waiting for the call.  Safe or dead, those were the only two possibilities she saw.

And then I fell dead asleep.  There's even a pencil squiggle where my hand jerked as I finished the last sentence.  Off to find something to eat.  Seeyabye.


Aunt B said...

Those "customerless" days can be soooooo long!!! Glad you're getting back on CST. It took Paul a while to do it too.

Robert Malcolm said...

It is nice when you can enjoy the color of the neighbor's tree and all the leaves fall in HEIR yard.