Friday, November 15, 2013

Well, I Survived the Presentation I knew I would.  Naturally my laptop wouldn't hook up to the church's Internet, but my Kindle Fire would.  *shrugs*  Turns out I didn't need it anyway, I just talked and they surfed.  There were about 20 people, only a few of them familiar with Ravelry so my basic basic basic info was just what they needed.  More than one of them said that they'd learned a lot and that my talk was easy to follow.  Now hopefully a couple of them will go home and work through my handout's step-by-steps to organize their stashes, libraries, and needles, and find some cool patterns.  I took pains to reassure them that they're not putting any personal info on there so there's no danger of any hackers burrowing into their lives or stealing their yarn.  I think it went well.  Actually, let's face it, I rocked.

When I got to work yesterday I checked the pile of invoices to discover that Mr. Boss had no customers on Wednesday, and then I had only one potential customer during the day, near the end of the day, but he was only looking and didn't buy anything.  That makes four days in a row where we didn't need to open the till to put in money.  Four days!  I think that might be a record.  I know there'll be a sale today because a woman called and reserved some tanks for pickup this afternoon for a Saturday dive she's planning.  Thank god.  I do NOT want the dive shop to close so I have to either retire or get a real job.  No sirree, don't want that, no no no.

Durwood and I did something exciting yesterday.  I don't even remember what brought it on but he called me for some reason and mentioned going back out West so I checked online for possible dates we could stay in Yellowstone next August and we BOOKED THE ROOM for 5 nights.  In the park.  In Yellowstone.  At Canyon Village where we stayed last time and liked so much.  We're going to get out the map and talk about where else we want to go (more time at Little Bighorn for sure) and get that ball rolling.  We need to be in Dawson, ND on a Sunday so we can have the buffet at the Yankee Doodle diner again, that's for sure, and Durwood wants to tour that USGS facility outside Sioux Falls, SD that was closed last time we were there (this time I'll call to make sure it's open).  Eeeee!  Who's excited?  My plan to put half my Social Security onto paying down the mortgage and the other half into a vacation fund's going to pay off big time.  Yay!  I'll be stopping at AAA for the 2014 Wyoming and North and South Dakota tour books tomorrow, or next week for sure.  (inside I'm dancing)

November 15--Egypt, Relief Plaque of Cobra on a Neb Basket.  It was suffocatingly hot.  I don't know how people kept working through the middle of the day.  Most people didn't, they were smart enough to find a bit of shade to rest in but tourists aren't that smart.  They want to wrest every moment out of their vacation, get every penny's worth even if they fry their brains in the process.  The suffocating heat of midday explained why the cafes and shops are open late.  I lay on a pile of canvas sacks filled with grain.  It was cool enough and I had nearly drifted off when I heard a soft rubbing sound and turned to watch a cobra slither out of the end of the sack.

Ye gods, that'd wake a person up, wouldn't it? I'm going to go read the funnies and Ann Landers (the only really worthwhile parts of the newspaper) while I eat my Cheerios and banana.  You have a good day, I'm going to work.  Bah.  But this is my last Friday to work because Mrs. Boss is coming home today, so next week the schedule goes back to normal.  *sigh*

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Aunt B said...

Glad your presentation went well -- but I knew it would. And yippee for out west vacation plans getting underway. Just thinking about that should keep you warm this winter!