Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rain :-(

I didn't want rain today, but the clouds rolled over us yesterday  afternoon and the drizzle started.  It pretty much spit rain at us the rest of the evening and today it's actively raining, not pouring, just raining.  It's a lot colder too.  I could sorta see my breath when I went out to try to capture a photo of raindrops in the birdbath.  I'm not ready.  Not just yet.

I got all the bald patches in the lawn seeded yesterday when it was nice and sunny out.  Now I hope that the seed decides to grow come spring.  I figured it would be most efficient to put the seed down now and then let it start up next spring when the snow cover can water it and the sun will warm it.  (can't you hear the birdies singing? or are those angels?)  When I opened up the hose caddy to water in the seed I saw that a chipmunk is using it to store maple seeds.  It was also time to put the patio chairs, table, and umbrella away for the winter since I don't want to be doing that after the first snowfall.  I think I might swap the lawnmower and snowblower next weekend after I mow around one more time.  (Have to check to see if I've got any of that gas stabilizer to put in the mower.  there's a lot to think about.)

Let's see... what else did I do yesterday?  *taps lips with index finger*  Walked through the backyard to the bank to cash my paycheck, spread a bale of straw on my blueberries and asparagus, went to Fleet Farm for birdseed and found a denim shirt for Durwood (his beloved old ones are disgustingly threadbare), then wasted the rest of the day reading the new Oregon Files book that appeared on my Kindle yesterday, topped off with an hour of yin yoga at 5:30.  All in all, an excellent day.  (DS, Dad has first dibs on reading Mirage then I can lend it to your Kindle when you're ready, deal?)

Later today we need to stop at the bank to get our signatures witnessed on an insurance form, then I'm off to see if I can't lure Porter out to play ball since she won't walk when it's raining, she doesn't even like to go outside in the rain (she's such a princess), feed the chickens fruits and veggie peels, then go to Sam's for the "big" things while Durwood goes to the regular grocery to get meatloaf ingredients, bananas, tomatoes, and milk.  Divide and conquer, that's today's watchword.

I need to stop staying up so late because I get into bed and barely get 10 words down before I conk right off to sleep.  I did it again last night, see?

November 6--Iran, Royal Figure with Winged Crown.  She kept the little carved statues lined up on the windowsill.  Cora loved small things like doll furniture, tiny dishes, and little glass animals.

I'm going to bed at 10 o'clock tonight, cross my heart.  See you later, dudes.

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Aunt B said...

Too much on your "To Do" list!! Still, it sounds like you did get a lot done. Even in the rain.