Saturday, November 16, 2013

He Broke Our Streak

I had a customer yesterday morning.  A paying customer.  A cash-paying customer, who bought a little dry keeper for his cellphone that cost less than $20 but it was a sale, the first one after 4 days of absolutely none.  It was so shocking I had to lie down with a cool cloth on my forehead for a minute or ten.

When I went out after Mr. Boss arrived I looked up at the sky (I always do) and look what I saw.  The full moon peeking at me between trees in the neighbors' yard--and I even managed to take a decent picture of it by resting my elbows on his car's roof.

The only thing I need to accomplish this weekend is raking the leaves and looking out the window I see that it's getting cloudy and rainy looking so I'd better post this and get a move on.  I didn't write last night, couldn't dredge up a word, so this is it for today.  Sorry.

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Aunt B said...

Some days are like that. There's just nothing to say. I've had nothing to say for ten days now. Still no voice!!!