Thursday, November 7, 2013

Made It By 10:30 Anyway

I was determined to be in bed at 10 o'clock last night but CSI was new and it ends at 10 so I had to stay up but as soon as the credits rolled, I went off to the bathroom to perform my ablutions.  (that means I sat for 15 minutes reading on my Kindle then brushed my teeth)  Then I turned on Durwood's side of the bed (ugh, I really don't like a hot bed but he loves it), closed the shades, plugged in all my electronics, and was under the covers by 10:30.  I wrote a bit and turned out the light at 10:45.  Go me!  Tonight I'm trying for 2 in a row.

I had the devil of a time getting moving today, probably because I've had the last 2 days off, so I need to snap it up so I'm not running around like a crazed weasel before work.

Yesterday afternoon I went over to Bed, Bath & Beyond for new pillows.  Luxurious.  I'm just tossing away the old, stained ones and we're sleeping on new $20 pillows.  My neck feels a lot better this morning, my back too.  I'm thinking of looking into getting a new mattress too, just a mattress, and luckily Verlo's having a sale.  (when are they not?)  We spend all those hours sleeping, we should have supportive things to do it on.  Plus I have no idea how old this mattress is, it came with the bed a few years back.  It might be time if we can get one for not too much money.  We'll see.
When I walked out of the store I looked up to see that the sun had reached the narrow opening between the horizon and the slab of clouds covering the city.  The trees a few blocks away were illuminated in golden light and ask I got on the highway to come home the underside of the clouds started turning that orange pink and getting more vivid by the minute.  I decided to try to chase the sunset but by the time I got to an open space all that was left was a bit of orange at the horizon.  Drat.  Still pretty, I think, and it was fun trying to find it.

November 7--Edward Hopper, The Lighthouse at Two Lights.  Grace lay on the grassy slope on the seaward side of the lighthouse.  She watched the wind shred the clouds, sending them scudding inland.  Waves crashed onto the point's boulders in a constant roar.  "Gracie," Tad called, "Mr. Baker says to come up here."  She waved her hand to show her brother that she'd heard him but it wasn't until the next wave flooded over her legs that she scrambled up into the shelter of the dooryard.

That's better, a little bit of story pooped out in 15 minutes is much better than two lines of nearly automatic writing decorated with sleep scribbles.  Enjoy your day.

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Aunt B said...

Wonderful new pillows!!! Good for you. Paul refuses to give up his (dreadful) pillow so it just gets a new covering periodically. And even that should be replaced more often. Love the pictures of the GB sky.