Friday, November 22, 2013


Look at what was outside when I opened the curtains this morning.  S.N.O.W.  It's mostly gone now but there it lay, bold as brass.  It didn't stick well on the streets but the grass and leaves sure were white and snow-covered.  I know it's time but I coulda waited.

Durwood's van is still at the mechanic's, not that it's taking too long to fix (dead battery under warranty), but I had to work until after they closed yesterday and today we spent going from one doctor's appointment to another so my car gets to spend a third night in the garage.  I liked not having to brush snow or scrape ice off Beverly and I didn't forget to open the garage door before backing out but it sure feels odd to have her in the garage.  We'll go get his battleship, uh, van tomorrow.

I have been scouring the city looking for Eucalan for washing wool.  I'm nearly done with the Khaki Cardi so I'll want to soak it in wool wash before patting it out on the blocking tiles to dry and there is none to be found in the whole joint.  JoAnn doesn't have it, Michaels doesn't have it, Hancock doesn't have it, Patti's Yarn Shop doesn't have it.  I suppose I could drive to Appleton to get some but that seems like a waste of gas.  I was thinking of ordering some online but for the big bottle the shipping was equal to the cost of the product; I just can't justify that.  I should have looked for it in all those yarn shops I was in on vacation.  Guess I'll go buy some Woolite.

November 22--Canada, British Columbia, Rattle.  Meryl kept her eye on the crow.  It was perched on the deck rail across from where she sat reading.  When it landed a few minutes earlier its feathers made a sound like pages flipping.  She had looked up expecting to see Taylor or Rita step into the deck waving a paperback from the thrift store, instead the beady black eyes of the big bird stared at her.  It was a beautiful creature with its iridescent feathers that flashed blue, then green, then black as it groomed itself.  The crow eyed her as if trying to make up its mind to tell her a secret.  "Shoo," she said flapping her book at it, tired of its stoic scrutiny.  She said it again.  "Shoo."  The bird spread its wings and stretched to its maximum size throwing a shadow over her, making her shiver.

And now it's time to rustle up some leftovers for supper because it's Friday afternoon and almost time for Friday Night Knitting.  I'll finish sleeve #2 tonight, I will.  I just realized that I usually sign off saying I need to go eat.  I need to figure out another excuse, um, reason.

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Aunt B said...

Snow!!! Well, I guess it's time but, like you, not quite ready for that yet.