Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's Sunny Out There...

Cold but sunny, and a little breezy, but I'll take it because it isn't snowing.  It shouldn't snow tomorrow afternoon when we need to drive to Shawano to eat turkey either.  Shouldn't, you understand, not won't because it turns out I don't control the weather after all.  (who knew?)

Porter and I braved the chilly NW wind blowing across the river yesterday and enjoyed our walk, we froze, but it was a good walk.  No deer or fox, but there was a pair of hawks circling as we came by and a trio of geese standing awkwardly, quietly honking and eyeing the dog as we crunched through the leaves toward them.  I'm so glad I decided to veer off the trail and let Porter run and romp instead of making her heel all the way.  She gets to play and I think it's a bit more of a workout for my hips and back and legs to walk on that uneven ground.  True I walk faster on the trail but it's more fun seeing her snuffle along the ground and run to the end of her leash.  She's much better at not flinging herself into a flip when she runs to the end of the leash and jerks to a stop.  Sometimes she runs "crazy dog" and trusses herself up like a roped calf but not so much anymore.  She found a nice eviscerated squirrel carcass but trotted on when I told her "no!"  She's a good dog.

I got into the sewing studio yesterday and got all the cutting out for the secret sewing done and 2 of the 10 items sewed up.  Instead of choosing different fabrics for each one, I chose a khaki cotton twill and feed sack print for everyone.  I like the print because it's got words and it's big so only part of the design will be on each item.  I need to split myself somehow because I love to sew and yet I'd like to be knitting.  (you only get to see the stack of cutouts, no FOs (finished objects) until after that day next month)

Oh, speaking of knitting, see how well this sweater fits?  Not.  But I love it and it's very warm.  I think I'm going to take it to Friday Night Knitting this week (along with a box of pins) to show it off as well as have someone help pin it in, especially in the armpits, and then I'll just zip it up on the sewing machine and cut out the excess.  I was thinking I could lay a cardi I like down on it but all my other cardis are pretty form-fitting.  Oh wait, I have a windbreaker jacket that I like the fit of, maybe I'll lay out the sweater and put the jacket over it and see what I have.  (the garbologists just came by, no way would I want to ride the back of a garbage truck on a cold, windy day like today--at least it's not snowing)  I'm chugging down toward the toe of my Chimney sock, and already thinking I'll wind up the next yarn later today.  I do love me some variegated yarn, or self-striping as in this case.  It's waaaaay more interesting than a solid color.  Way.

November 27--Peru, Feathered Crown.  The shaman came to her in a dream.  He wore a crown made of feathers.  At first she only thought of all the birds that died so that the crown could be made.  She imagined the colorful creatures flying in the jungle looking like animated flowers and then falling to the ground pierced by an arrow just for the feathers and it made her sad.  In the dream she heard the squawks and calls of the birds and the terrible silence when they died.  Finally she heard the shaman's words.  "You are a seeker."  "Colors speak to you."  "Your spirit flies up where the wind is cold and free."  She awoke huddled in her quilt with a yellow feather crushed in her hand.

I need to check on Blogger to see if I can merge my two blogs or if there's a way to redirect people from I'm Knitting, not Smoking here automatically, but I've decided that I'm definitely doing it.  Time to make sewing now that my iPod's charged up so I can finish listening to Zoo, it's pretty terrible but now I'm far enough in that I want to know how it ends.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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