Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cold and Moony

That's how it was when I left work yesterday and how it was when I woke up this morning.  I took this picture just after I got into my car in the dive shop parking lot.  I learned that in order to get a decent moon picture I need to brace my arms on something solid, a half-breath-and-hold-it doesn't work.  At least the wind has died down, now I can walk Porter and not get blown off my feet, although I did like the windy walk last week... I liked it a lot, didn't I?  ("alot"-- that's one of my peeves; it's not a word, it's two words, did you know that?  the guy that writes the crossword puzzle in the local paper evidently doesn't because he puts it in at least once a week.  the clue that makes me groan is "extra-wide shoe width", the answer is "EEEE" for when he's got four words ending in E side by side; it's a valid clue and answer but... *shakes head*)

I had customers and phone callers yesterday at work, just like a real store.  I didn't sell anything, like merchandise, I sold classes and gear service, but I had 4 customers and actually took in money, well, charges but I had sales and humans who weren't UPS and the US mail actually in the store.  I still had lots of knitting time but it was something, way better than last week's nothing day after day.  Hopefully it'll keep going.

What's going to happen to the Post Office?  Hardly anyone sends mail anymore, nobody sends letters and most everyone pays their bills online, how will they stay in business?  Magazines?  Junk mail?  There just can't be that many birthday cards on any given day flying around and then if no one sends cards what will happen to Hallmark?  It's a vicious cycle--mail something today!

November 19--Katharina Denzinger, Shoe.  Every time Leah tried to put on those shoes she had to stop to shake them out.  Because the shoes looked like sports cars--headlights, wheels and all--Kevin tucked a G.I. Joe or a Star Wars guy into one and zoomed it away.  Often only one of them was in the closet, the other one having been driven off by its vacu-formed plastic driver to vanquish Nazis or defeat the Empire.  She couldn't get mad about it, in fact she rather liked the idea that her shoe went off on adventures all by itself.

I like that, it's not all tense and adventure-y, but I like the image of a little boy vroom-ing his mom's shoe around the house.  Okay, kiddos, I'm off to dress, eat, feed the chickens, and walk the dog on this chilly, sunny morning.  Seeyabye.

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Aunt B said...

I love going out to the mailbox every day -- even if it's only to pick up junk mail. Can't imagine a world without the mailman!!!