Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gotta Make Soup Today

It's time to step back onto the work track and get ready to go off to the dive shop tomorrow.  Time to set the alarm clocks so I can get up to greet the sun.  (yeah, that's it!  that's a good thing, right?  right?)  I need to remember that I like getting up to greet the dawn, I do.  Really.  I need fruit cut up too.  Wonder if Aldi has pineapples?  I'll as Durwood, he's the one who checks the ads.

I need to give Mardi a big "thank you" for recommending that we have lunch at Paradigm in Sheboygan; it was awesome.  It's in an old corner store with salvaged doors as dividers, old two-wheelers on the columns and lined up along the bathroom hallway wall, and mismatched tables and chairs.  The menu has hummus and other appealing sandwiches on fresh breads with interesting sauces and names, a homemade soup of the day too.  I'll go back.

The movie was good too, but I think the best part of the day was the walk we took along the river.  Lala wanted to just walk around the block where we were parked by the cafe but I thought along the river would be better, and it was.  See?  We need to do that again, lunch and a walk and a movie, it was an excellent way to spend a Saturday, I left home at noon and got back around 7:30.  It's the perfect distance for a down and back in a day--an hour drive.  But I didn't knit a stitch all day.  *gasp*  Didn't sew any either.  Oh well.

The renter just delivered the check.  Yay for rent!  And there are 3 bluejays taking turns at the feeders.  Too much fun.

December 1--Rembrandt, Christ and the Woman of Samaria among Ruins.  He hunched over his work table deep into the night scribing lines to catch the ink.  Not satisfied with a reference to a shape or face, he was precise.  Faces looked like people, leaves and flowers were recognizable, the angle of a line gave dimension to the piece.  He crossed the lines and suddenly and arm was rounded.  He saw the light and shadow, the depth and dimension of forms, how people were planes and cylinders and spheres.  She watched him from the doorway, watched his concentration wrinkle his brow.  Surely someone other than her recognized how talented he was and did it soon.  They wouldn't have food or a roof over their heads if his work didn't start selling.

Here it is the first of December already.  Were you ready for that?  I sure wasn't, but then I look outside and it doesn't look like December 1 did when I was a kid, there's no snow.  Well, there're a few remnants in perpetually shady places but nothing a person could call real snow.  It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas, the grass is still green.  Makes it hard to get into the spirit.  Today I get to measure to make valances for the baby's room, gotta get those sewed tout suite, that baby could come at any time now.  Woohoo!


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