Monday, December 16, 2013

A Zero Of A Monday

That's what the thermometer in the windowsill says, which means that it's colder because it gets a little help from heat leakage from the house.  I could have told you that it's below zero because two of our neighbors just left for work and their tires sounded squeaky on the snowy street.  I'll be going out there in a couple hours and you'd better betcha I'll be bundled up to my ears--and beyond.  My toes are already craving those little toe warmer packs they get to have.  I splurged on a 3-pack of men's merino woolen socks at Sam's the other day, my oldest wooly socks (from Eddie Bauer years ago) have gotten threadbare and no longer keep me warm.  If there's anyone out there needing a gift idea, I could use another 3-pack.  I wear a size 10 shoe and bought the Large size.  *hint, hint*

I called DS yesterday to ask about their Christmas plans since it's 10 days until then (well, 9 now) and he said they're hoping to be "real busy" that day but if not we're invited over for supper.  She's thinking spaghetti or lasagna which I'm in favor of since I'm dying to make the Pioneer Woman's recipe for olive cheese bread.  It looks amazing on TV and I want an excuse to make it and EAT it.  All.  Heck, I might just make it no matter the menu; it'd go well with beef or chicken or be fantabulous all by itself.  I'll let you know.

It's going to be very odd not having my DD here for Christmas or just after Christmas this year.  She's planning to wait to come until there's an actual baby for her to meet and hold for a week.  She suggested yesterday that we save their gifts for when she's here and she'll bring ours then too.  That takes the pressure off since I haven't really bought their gifts yet, well, I ordered one and it might take until the end of the month to get here so it's a good plan.  I'll still miss them, but life is life and it all evens out eventually.

I put up the tree yesterday while Durwood watched football and carols played on the "sounds of the season" cable channel.  *sigh*  I carried up my stack of Christmas CDs but carried them back because it's so easy to just punch in channel 941 and have music.  Where do you think they'll put in our USB ports so we can just hook in and cut out the need for external players?

December 16--Henri Rousseau, The Repast of the Lion.  She was drenched in sweat.  It stung her eyes and rolled down her sides.  Kay felt like there wasn't a breath of air in the humid dimness of the jungle.  She kept tripping over roots in the path and she was afraid to grab for a handhold when she stumbled fearing that what looked like a vine would turn out to be a snake.  The natives had found her unconscious in a canoe washed up on the river bank.  She wasn't clear how she got there but she didn't seem to be injured.  The leader proudly spoke a few words of English and kept turning around to make sure she was still there.  He'd smile his gap-toothed smile and say, "okay, lady?"

Okay, then, time to fuel up, shower, bundle up, and book it outta here.  Durwood's pal is coming over for lunch so he's up busying around.  They'll have a good long visit, I hope.  Later, dudes & dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

Ohhhhh that first picture looks soooo cold!! Our forecast is for low seventies (!!!) this weekend! First day of winter??? Weird. Love, love, love your Christmas tree!