Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fun in the Snow

Yesterday's walk with Porter in the snow was a fun one.  I drove to the "lawn" behind an office building that borders the Fox River Trail and we had a romp.  I snowshoed about half the time and Porter snuffled and bounded and ran and ran and ran.  I wish I could let her off the leash but she doesn't really come when she's called (unless she wants to) so she stays leashed.  I get such joy watching her play but I don't think anything would induce me to flop my belly down in the snow like she does.  Brrr.

After walking I returned the dog to her house, fed fruit peels to the chickens (who did not want to get out in the snow, can you blame them?  they've got those little spindly chicken legs), picked up some bananas at Kwik Trip, dropped off a tank at Van's,went home for a quick, leftover pizza slice lunch, went with Durwood to his pulmonologist (all okay), stopped at the bank, stopped to swap out his breathe-y thing, back across town to Durwood's chiro appointment (crack! ow! but it'll get better), then to the grocery, no wait, 2 groceries, and finally home to change into my yoga pants and go back across town to stretch and pose for an hour.  *pant, pant*  Back home for a glorious plate of chicken cacciatore... no wonder I was pretty much ready to hit the sack by 8 o'clock.  That kind of schedule sure makes the day fly by, though.

Today I'll have a nice sedentary day at work with no errands to run and no doctor's appointments all over town.  Restful, except for random customers but that's what they pay me for so I can't really begrudge the customers my time.  Well, I suppose I could but that'd be churlish and ungrateful and just plain wrong.  I can be magnanimous, also gracious.  (I was being Lady Bountiful there for a second, did you notice?)  I only have to work today and tomorrow and then I've got another week off.  I go back to work December 30, then have 2 more days off (New Year's Eve and Day) before working January 2.  Yikes.  (See that?  2013's almost over.  Holy crap.) 

December 18--George Bellows, Tennis at Newport.  The body is right under that big, tennis oil painting in the library.  It's a good thing that it's Nora's day in or the poor thing might have lain there for days, and with the way Derek keeps the thermostat set just above freezing no one would have smelled a thing.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm as sorry as the next person that little Esme fell on that knife somehow but you have to admit she never really fit in.  Coming from upstate, somewhere hilly I'm sure, and graduating from a state college with a degree in, oh what was it, animal husbandry or home economics, something arcane and useless anyway, well, she wasn't our sort, was she?  Did you ever really look at that tennis painting?  None of the people have faces, not one of them.  It looks like a gathering of ghosts and wraiths.  Grand-uncle Smedley must have bought it; he was a great one for dabbling in poor painters and the occult.

Eesh.  The full moon, the Snow Moon was still pretty high in the sky when I got up, with a star above it.  So pretty.  Would it be wrong to eat a big bowl of party mix for breakfast?  I'd promise to eat a banana too but I wouldn't put milk on it, that'd be more wrong-er.  No?  Yeah, I thought you'd say that, guess I'll stick with granola, yogurt, and fruit.  It's a work day and the snowplow just came by.  I swapped cars around yesterday afternoon so my Beverly was in the garage while we were gone for hours, thinking that they'd come and I'd have a minute to clear it away while I was dressed in "play" clothes, but no, they didn't come, not until about half an hour ago, which means I get all dressed for work then boot up and snowblow that pile o'snow away from the end of the driveway, being careful not to bury the garbage in the process because of course it's garbage day which means that the plow couldn't drive along the curb because of all the bins and bags.  Grrr.  I'll figure it out.  Ain't life grand?

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