Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gonna Sew Today

That's my plan, anyway.  Sewing something patchwork-ish quilt-y (but not cutesy picture-y) has been on my mind for the last few days--so today's the day.  No appointments to be attended to, no errands that I can see looming on the horizon, if Durwood wants to go errand I'll move my car but otherwise you'll find me in the basement sewing studio adding to the thread schnipples on the floor and listening to an audiobook.  It's probably time to get my nails done but that I can do tomorrow during the game now that I've changed to a salon that's open on Sunday.

I got the lotion and lip balms all labeled yesterday and some of each bagged to give to the Friday Night Knitters.  All but one of them was hoping I'd bring some since that's what I gave them last year but SM just started coming this year.  She pulled out a lip balm tube and said how she used lots of balm but "never this brand" so I told her (and MW backed me up) that I'd made it all.  She was amazed and immediately tried both the lotion and the lip balm, making mmm-ing sounds as she did.  Score!  She'd brought more cheesecake pie in case someone was there that didn't get any last time so she had extras which meant that I had to bring another share home.  Pity.  As happened last time, it didn't survive the night or even the hour after I arrived home.  Durwood's such a big helper with getting rid of that sort of stuff.

Still no baby.

I love watching the morning traffic at the feeders, and have noticed that all trails through the snow lead to food.  There're more mourning doves this morning, maybe because there's more seed on the ground, and yesterday the hawk zoomed through but didn't stop long enough to eat, just long enough to scare the birds into hiding.  Didn't go looking for trees to junk pick yesterday, maybe tomorrow which I figure might be a better option since it's the weekend and maybe people take their tree down then or do you think they wait until after New Year's?  I don't know, I'll find a couple soon, but not if I don't cruise the neighborhood.  I'll use Durwood's van; it's waaaaay bigger than Beverly (more like the QEII than a car) so it'll hold more trees.  I sometimes feel like it should have an air horn.

December 28--Maurice Brazil Prendergast, A Woman Passing a Cafe.  Celia felt their eyes on her as she passed by, those idlers, who took up half of the seats in The Republic cafe nursing a single coffee while regaling each other with tales of bad bosses and motivations misunderstood, gave her the creeps.  She hated how their hot eyes cut her way when she stopped in for a scone to have with her tea when she got to the office.  Once one of them had asked where she was hurrying off to and her answer of "to work" had shamed him into silence.  She seldom went in anymore, and if the bus had stopped somewhere so she could get to the office by another route she'd never go there again, at least not on a week day.

I really like the colors of the fish ornament I bought in Aunt B's favorite "lifestyle" shop in Wilmington, don't you?  It reminds me of the fun we had driving all over the map in that southeast direction in October.

I'm outta here.

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Aunt B said...

I love that ornament too -- in fact, I love your whole tree. It's so you!!!