Thursday, December 19, 2013

We're Almost There

Almost to the shortest day of the year.  Almost to Christmas.  DIL1's brother and his wife had Baby Leo yesterday afternoon (yay!) that means J&HZ have their first grandchild, now it's almost time for DS & DIL1 to give them their second grandchild and us our first.  No, not "almost," now please.  I know that no amount of my nagging or pleading will induce the baby to make an appearance but I'm trying to send welcoming vibes so the little critter gets the idea to slip into the daylight (such as it is this time of year) and it needs to come before its due date (which is January 5 and just too far away).  As Mammy Yokum said in the L'il Abner comics, "Ah haz spoken!"  *nods confidently, pointer finger in the air*  (god I'm old)

I had the idea to knit a tiny little pair of Converse booties for our bambino and I followed the directions to the letter--twice.  They kicked my arse, there's no other way to say it.  Following the knit-in-the-round directions didn't work, and the knitted-flat ones didn't either.  I ended up tossing the whole abomination into the trash last night and going to bed.  It's rare that a knitting pattern gets the best of me but that one sure did--twice.  Maybe the kid needs more socks, socks I can make.  I'll buy the damned Chucks.

I had a few customers yesterday!  One brought the little afghan square she'd knit to show me because the last time she was in I showed her how to do a slip-slip-knit stitch, and she also brought a little album of their first dive trip.  That right there, that's one of the big reasons that I love my job.  She was just beaming and told me all about the divemaster and how deep they dived and all the fish they saw, and how they're getting their adult kids certified so the whole family can go on dive vacations.  How can you not love a story like that?  Plus she bought a pretty big item, that was the frosting on the cake.

I found out on FB yesterday that Grandpa Boss isn't doing so well, so if you've got an extra prayer send it up for the Boss family, please. (you don't need to know their name, God/the universe/whatever can sort it out)  And let me just say that this is one sucky time to have your dad, or anyone you love for that matter, teetering on the brink, not that there's a better time for it but... you know what I mean.  I'm praying for you all, as hard as I know how.

December 19--Cypriot, Head of a Bearded Man.  Elaine woke up in a pool of sweat.  Summer wasn't the time to be this close to the equator without air conditioning but the town was so small and she'd gotten the last room in the only guesthouse within a mile of the dig.  A mile was as far as she was prepared to walk until she found a car or a bicycle or even a donkey to get her there and back.  Olympia was the owner of the house and she treated her guests more like nieces and nephews than paying customers.  Elaine's room was at the top of the house.  It had a view of the neighboring vineyard and at least there were windows she could open wide to catch any night breeze that fluttered by.  One the sun rose it was a different story.

Time to head out into the not-quite-winter-yet cold day to see if any Christmas shoppers stop in.  I'll be the one knitting GLOVES.

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