Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Snow Day!

The weather guy promised us snow for today and this time he's delivered.  You know I like to take a picture of the morning's weather for you, I'm a big fan of the moody, bluish look just before sunup, but I set the camera to the "snow" setting so we have flakes too.  Then once it was light and I was reading the paper while watching CBS Sunday Morning I saw one squirrel having a snack on the suet feeder and its buddy snacking on seed from the feeder.  Look at the snow building up in its fur.

I pity the football fans dealing with all this snow at today's game.  The roads are going to be crap to drive on and people will be imbibing copious amounts of antifreeze so after the game should be especially exciting on the roads.  We're staying home.  There's nothing we need to buy that would require a trip today.  No. Thing.  We'll go to Copps after Durwood's chiro appointment tomorrow morning for the few ingredients we need for our Christmas eating pleasure.  Durwood got the turkey breast yesterday so it's in the fridge thawing; I'll make the cornbread later so it can spend a couple days drying out for Tuesday's cornbread/sausage stuffing.

DS called earlier than normal this morning and I got all excited thinking it was baby news but (dagnabbit) he'd read about my fender bender and wanted to make sure I was okay and to ask if I'd be available for dog watching if they do have some baby business to attend to before the 26th when their regular dog watchers are available again.   I said "of course" of course.  I'd bring her here except that a couple weeks ago when I tried to screw the tie-down into the ground to put her cable out the ground was already frozen so I couldn't even make a dent in it.  That means we couldn't just let her out to go potty and annoy squirrels, we'd have to go out there too.  That would be okay for me (I could snowshoe!) but Durwood wouldn't be a fan, not one little bit.  So if in the event they need me to dog watch I'd just drive over and back, I do that to take her walking anyway, what's another time a day.  No biggie.

DD called to chat and said she won't be able to come visit until mid- to late-February.  *sigh*  We're already missing her terribly but we understand.  Jobs come first.  (dammit, stupid work ethic)  But that also means if the baby decides to wait until its due date or later to be born it'll still be pretty new when she meets it.  Maybe not "still wet" new but not much beyond newborn.  Even if it comes this month yet, it'll be satisfyingly new and tiny when she arrives.  Durwood and I are very glad that we got to spend 3 days with her in October so we're not pining quite as much as if it'd been since last Christmas that we'd seen her.  I'm hoping that she and I can spend an afternoon making a Jelly Roll Race quilt top while she's here.  It'd be a fun thing to do and I have 2 sewing machines.  Coincidence?  I think not.  (I don't think they'll ever live closer but now I understand Mom's wish that we all live in a compound so she could have us all around her all the time.)

December 22--North Italian Painter, Two Angels.  Gabriel flew out of a rusty black sky in a blaze of flashing gold wings.  The angel, clad in flowing coral robes, was focused on his mission to carry words to the people.  He really hated having to come down on the dirt and water planet to deliver messages.  In many ways humans were so gullible, like believing a knife they got "2 for $9.95 plus shipping and handling" off late night TV would cut better than a hundred dollar one, and in other ways they didn't believe in anything.  Few of them ever believed he was an angel, even when he told him his name they thought he was either delusional or playing an elaborate joke.  It was hard not to break out of the limiting human form and appear as his full angel self.  He got tired of having to prove time and again that what he said was true and a message from On High.  Yeah, he said "On High," he had enough trouble with credibility without bandying around the G-word.

Sometimes I amuse myself.  Okay, here I go getting dressed and going downstairs to play with laundry and sewing.  Stay safe if you're out in the weather.

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