Monday, December 2, 2013

Ugh, This Feels Extra-Early Today

Man, I feel like someone's sitting on my eyelids.  They just don't want to open more than half-mast.  Ugh ugh ugh.  And the weather guy's talking about it snowing through Wednesday.  I'm not a fan.  Not one iota.

Yesterday got away from me.  I hate when that happens.  It started well; I watched CBS Sunday Morning, DS called to arrange my visit to measure for the nursery curtains, DD called for a chat.  I got dressed, ate breakfast (at 11 AM, what's up with that?!), and left to do what began as a couple errands and turned into a 4-store extravaganza.  I got home around 2:30, had a cheese sandwich for lunch, got my measuring tape and notes and zoomed over to DS's to measure the windows.  I stayed to visit for an hour or so, then came home to make soup.  That took until almost 7 PM when we finished the turkey day leftovers for supper, then I portioned out the soup for 2 weeks' worth of lunches, portioned out thawed fruit, and got it all put away.  DIL1 asked for some hats for the bambino so I searched for some patterns online and then dug out yarn and needles and cast on the first one while the soup pot soaked for an hour.  I washed the dishes and it was past time to go to bed.  So I did.

I think I"m getting a cold.  My throat feels a bit scratchy and my eyes feel heavy.  The only good thing I can see about today is that it's payday.  My paycheck from the week before last is ready and waiting for me in the cash bag at the dive shop.  I can cash it in the morning when I walk Porter, then at 1 o'clock I'm going to ring the bell at Copps for an hour (better dig out my antlers), then go to the chiro at 3 o'clock and yoga at 5:30.  Already tomorrow seems like it's coming on at ramming speed.  If it wasn't for that paycheck thing I think I'd go lie down.

Naturally when I wanted to get into bed and fall asleep immediately an interesting character popped out onto the page so I had to follow her a bit.  *sigh*

December 2--Rembrandt, Christ and the Woman of Samaria among Ruins.  "This place is a pit," Joley said as she stepped off the bus.  MaeEllen shook her head.  "It's ruins."  "It sure as hell is," Joley said, "I just wonder why we stopped.  I'll bet there's no mall or flush toilets."  She tugged at the hem of her red shorts to make sure she wasn't showing too much of what she called her "best feature" and tapped the toe of one gold leather sandal on the cracked pavers.  MaeEllen pointed at the day's schedule.  "See?  Ten o'clock--tour of historic ruins of Roman occupation.  It's not a town town, it's history.  Didn't you read the itinerary?"  Joley wasn't paying attention, she was rooting around in her purse for her lipstick.  "Man, I would kill for a drink and a smoke."  She looked around.  "Do you think there's a taverna anywhere a girl could get a drink and sit in the shade?"  She snagged the sleeve of their bus driver who was walking by.  "Hey, Paco, you know where there's a bar?"  The man drew his sleeve out of her grasp.  His name was Constantine but he did not want this woman to know it.  "I am sorry, Madam, but no, there is not one here," he said in perfect English.  Joley brayed out a laugh and slapped his hand.  "I'm no madam, Paco honey, but I do like to have fun.  What do you have in mind?"  Constantine turned away and MaeEllen shook her head.  It might have been a mistake to invite Joley along on her Wheel of Fortune trip to Italy.

See?  I was sorry to leave them standing there in the hot sun but I needed to go to sleep.  Well, it's finally gotten semi-light out there.  Probably time for me to get a move on before I nod off and bang my forehead on the keyboard.  See you later, kiddos.

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Aunt B said...

Back to the old grind. It's always hard to return to "real life" after a holiday.