Monday, December 23, 2013

Not Hub-Deep

But we got an adequate amount of snow, maybe 5-6 inches.  I went out around 4:30 yesterday afternoon to get a jump on snow removal and had a blast.  It wasn't too cold, it wasn't windy, it was in the 20s and flakes were falling like sequins in the dimming light.  I snowblowed (snowblew?) at least one lane out into the street hoping that the snowplow wouldn't give us a huge driveway drift, and it worked.  Our driveway drift was much smaller than 6" of new snow should make.  I tried and tried taking pictures, some worked, most didn't, but that's okay.

I did a little sewing yesterday but mostly I lolled around goofing off on the computer.  It was that kind of day.  Today Durwood and I have a few errands to do this morning then we'll hunker back down to do exciting things like change the sheets and run the vacuum.  (Don't you wish you were here for the fun?)  I want to make time to make some lotion and lip balm too.  Maybe not today, but soon.  I have dreams of being down at my sewing machine all week making cool, fun things, don't know what that'd be but it seems to be a feeling I'm looking to have, the feeling of making things on my own schedule and without pressure.  Sometimes I'm such a dreamer.

December 23 (eek!)--North Italian Painter, Two Angels.  Large wings are loud, not like an owl's almost-silent wings.  Gabe's big, blue and gold wings moved some air and they weren't quiet about it.  He had to fly at night or in uninhabited places because he was just too conspicuous otherwise.  Once he landed on Earth, what he called "the dirt and water planet," he would change his form so he could blend in.  It was the getting down there that was the problem.  The last time he was Earth-sent the foolish humans were burning witches.  Well, whoever some bored and hysterical teenagers (are there any other kind of teenagers?) decided were witches.  It was a mess, times were changing and people were growing away from strict Puritan practices.  Anyway, Gabe got sent down to bring a bit of order out of the chaos and here he was again after only three hundred and fifty years.  He must have forgotten to teach them something last time.

Today should be interesting out and about.  We need a few groceries, I don't think we need gifts, so we should be safe from the crowd-mind of the season.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve.  Stay sane.

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