Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Evidently It's Never Too Cold To Snow

The lady at Office Depot and I were both wrong on Sunday when it was 6 degrees and snowed all day, and this morning it's 9 degrees and it's snowing too.  Well, not snowing snowing, more flurrying, but still flakes are falling and covering things with a light dusting.  Arrrgh.  Naturally today's a day that Durwood and I have a crapload of things that need doing, appointments and such, so we'll be out and about in the cold and snowy.  Goodie.
I got the nursery curtains delivered and DS helped put them up, they look nice.  Whew.  DIL1 loved the hats and, like I said, I've got 2 more on the go.  It's hard to stop, I keep having ideas and the yarn's here so, boop, a hat!

I had 2 customers yesterday, one on the phone and the other one in the store in the afternoon.The afternoon one is a divemaster and long-time habitue of the dive shop, he said that he knew I hadn't had customers because the snow was drifted against the door.  Hmm.  Maybe I should have shoveled every hour or so... oh well, it was too cold and windy out and I was warm-ish and busy knitting.  I stopped on the way home to fill up with gas and nearly froze solid, then there was a drift across the driveway I had to shovel before I pulled in.  I'm a saint.  A brick.  A treasure.  (Durwood thinks so too.)

December 10--Amedeo Modigliani, Juan Gris.  John looked stunned, like whatever ended his life had been sudden and surprising.  He sat in the shade on Miller's porch as if he'd been invited but neither Mary nor Gus Miller had ever met him and none of their three kids knew him either.  He hadn't been there when Stevie Rawlings delivered the paper just after sunup or when Mary went out to water the red geraniums in the pots on the steps, but by the time Art the plumber arrived to install the new water heater John was sitting there dead, just plain dead.  Not shot or stabbed or hacked or strangled but plain, old, natural causes dead or so it seemed.  Of course an autopsy might have something different to say about that.

Time to get ready to errand.  I need time to bundle up and warm up the van so Durwood can breathe in it.  Seeyabye.

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Aunt B said...

Isn't there a proverb -- something about "a wife more precious than rubies"???? You definitely qualify!