Thursday, December 12, 2013

Man, I've Got The Slows Today

Here it is 8 o'clock and I'm just getting around to blogging AND it's a work day so that means I have to hoist my heinie into some presentable duds PDQ and get out there with a smile pasted on my puss.  In my defense I was organizing my chili makings so I didn't forget anything, then I had to go downstairs to find a holiday headband to wear at the party tonight and while I was deciding which one to take I decided to take ALL the Santa hats etc. in case someone forgets (they always do) (also I think I'll wear the red and white sequined tie that's down there too which requires a wardrobe change) and carried up a too-small bag to put them all in so I had to go back downstairs for a bigger bag (plus some tea for Durwood) but I also ran across the garland I like to put around the dinette lamp and brought that up but then I had to dust that lamp even though I won't be putting the garland on until tomorrow since I don't have time to do it now; then when I sat down here I realized that my printer hadn't turned on so I had to crawl around unplugging and replugging it to see if that helped (it did), of course I got distracted by some emails that I had to read (but not respond to [except for one to Lala] until later if at all) because my Outlook account tab is on top and so here I am.  *pant, pant*  Oh and I sewed the ends of an arm-knitted cowl together when I was first up but I'm not thrilled with it so I might frog it later.  Like "over the weekend" later, not later today, today's already full and it's barely begun.

I had one couple "just looking" in the store yesterday just as I heated up my lunch soup (of course) and one woman, the mom of one of DS's high school band mates, in to buy a gift certificate, and JJ, a friend and Instructor, came in after he got off work for me to get on the state unemployment website (he's pretty much computer illiterate so I do his online stuff for him) and set up his direct deposit since he was laid off Thanksgiving week and doesn't want a debit card which is what they send if you don't get organized.  He works building and installing signs so he's laid off off and on in winter when it's impossible or dangerous to work outdoors.  (I just wanted you to know that he's not a schlub who gets laid off because he's a slacker.)  In between those pesky interruptions I made a spare dishcloth (in came someone comes without one; sue me, I'm a caretaker) and watched the episode of Person of Interest when Carter gets killed.  How could they kill her off?  All the other women on the show are nuts, they needed Carter to show that women are strong and powerful and smart, not all psychopaths.  Tsk.  They should have called me before they did something so rash.

December 12--South Netherlands, The Unicorn is Found.  "I love this tapestry," said Mae.  "I especially like the guy on the left holding the dog's leash and pointing at the unicorn, as if anyone could miss it."  She really did like it, she had since the first time she saw it as a child.  The young Mae made up stories all about the groups of men, what they were saying to each other and all the animals.  When she was ten she made a list of all the creatures woven into the tapestry.  Some she had to guess at because they didn't look like any animals she'd ever seen.  By the time she was fifteen she had a notebook filled with stories, plays, and lists all about the Unicorn Tapestries.  Her cousin Laura was right, she was a nerd.

I'm sorry to say that the temperature only got down to -6 last night, two degrees higher than the record low.  Tsk, just our bad luck, so close but no cigar.  We can try again, it isn't even officially winter yet, not for a whole week yet.  Ye gods, I think we might be screwed this winter.  I should look to see what the Farmer's Almanac has to say.  Time to zoom.  Later, dudes and dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

I know!!! I couldn't believe it either when they killed off Carter . And just when she and John finally (FINALLY!)kissed! We should have known it was the kiss of death!!! At least Fosco is still around.