Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Need More Snow...

...and not as much melting if we're going to be tromping through a swamp on snowshoes.  Both KW and I dragged grasses into the back of Beverly (my car) for the ride home.  There was a crampon (that's the right word for the cleats on the bottom of snowshoes)-shaped clump of grass and snow that fell out of one of mine when it was thawing out.  I do believe that you're supposed to have more snow on there than vegetable matter when you get to the end of your walk.  But it was fun, longer than I thought it'd be at 75 minutes, and I got way too sweaty (dressed too well but in layers so I could divest myself of some) but felt absolutely fabulous at the end--and that feeling stayed with me the rest of the day.

Oh, I am so glad that I've stopped taking that pill.  Day by day, I feel more like myself.  More enthusiastic about doing things, active and non.  Ahhh.

TG, a knitting pal, her husband, TG, their gorgeous 18 mo. old daughter, CB, and her sister, TH, were at the snowshoeing lesson too.  CB had tiny snowshoes and she tromped around in them a bit but was way too small to go on the more than an hour long hike with us.  It was fun to see them and get to spend a little post-snowshoeing hot chocolate time with them.  (hmm, maybe that's why the scale went up today instead of down, that and last night's meatloaf.  did you know that chicken & fish make it easier to lose weight?  I learned a century ago in Weight Watchers that chicken & fish are negative meats (help you lose), turkey & organ meats are neutral, and beef & pork are positive, and it seems to be true, at least for me.  frustrating.)
January 27--Nepal, Kathmandu Valley, Page from a dispersed Bhagavita Purana Manuscript, Krishna Attacking the Castle of Prag-Jyoshita to Recover the Earrings.  "Give them back," Krissy said, her small face fierce.  "Make me," said Jay.  He held his hand with the earrings dangling from it high out of his little sister's reach.  She didn't think he'd throw them into the pond or drop them on a beehive but she could never be sure.  He knew that she was afraid of getting stung and she hated the big catfish that lived on the pond's bottom.  They had an annoying habit of sucking on your feet if you stood still too long in the pond.  She was sure some big old catfish would suck up her earrings in a heartbeat if jay threw them in there.  She didn't even want to think about how she'd get them off a hive.  "I'll give you a dollar," she said.  He shifted from one foot to another.  Now she had him.  "Make it three."  He didn't think she had three dollars but it was worth a try.  The negotiations had begun.

I have time to write a quick, very quick knitting blog post before time for CBS Sunday Morning.  I'm outta here.

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